You can’t fix being human

You can’t fix being human

..that is one of the disappointing things you learn when you do work with me. I won’t feed you baloney like “you are a spiritual being having a human experience…” and other garden variety horse manure.

The other half-sentence is just as disappointing: “you can’t get out of this life alive…”

These two half-sentences address 70% of the popular delusions of humanity.

When you internalize these truly, when you start to be energized by them then your vibration will jump 50 points or more.

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I hate making mistakes! don’t you?

Correct Diagnosis is 50% of the Cure in any area of your life

In this article I am going to show an area of my life where diagnostic skills and tools have saved the day, and in fact proved to be 90% of the cure.

The process of growth is not linear. It is more like layer by layer. No matter where you are now, in order to get to the next level, you need to completely explore the level or layer where you are at.

I have been relative successful for a while now, and like any other “normal” human being, I had the illusion that I have arrived to the place where it is smooth sailing from hereon.

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How you do anything is how you do everything

I have a client who is an accountant. This morning, not the first time, she sent me the wrong file… wrong date.

I would prefer an accountant who can be counted on to look before they leap, so I won’t get into trouble with the authorities only because of their la-di-da attitude… ((By the way, I make mistakes like that… but I am not an accountant. Some occupations are more sensitive to operator error than others… imagine your surgeon making this type of mistake… or the bus driver…

Here is the famous “but”… because I know that I am sloppy, I now look twice, whenever I remember… which is about 90% of the time.))

Another client canceled his coaching because I didn’t answer every single of his posts in the Reclaim Forum… honestly, I didn’t get a notification, and I should have… But he already had an agenda… and he was justified.

He is like that everywhere: just waiting for enough self-righteous justification to quit, or condemn, or leave…

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A great little exercise to cause self-love… Unconditional Love

Last night, in bed, I accidentally hugged myself.

Then, unexpectedly, I said to myself: I love you, little one. And then the “fun” began… The emotional dings, the doubt, the questioning, the grief.

Hoho… I said, what’s going on?

The little voice said: why would you love me?

Because I do… I said.

Do you love me, even though the house looks like a mess?

I don’t love your house, I love you. house, no house, mess, no mess… I love you.

oh. But do you love me even though I am getting old?

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