How do you actually raise your vibration?

Before I tell you what you want to know, I am going to tell you what is the main difference between a high vibration person and a low vibration person.

What the internet and thousands of sites say about vibration is all b.s. None of those garden variety, and outside changes will ever lead to inner changes: vibration is an entirely inner phenomenon. What’s going on inside.

And whether higher vibration will attract goodies to you: No. Higher vibration will make you do the kinds of things with the kinds of attitudes that produce what you want, and if it is goodies… then get you the goodies, including money.

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Emotional detox?

Before you can go up, you need to go down! Just like in building a house. Because unless you clear off the “stuff” and then dig deep to know what’s under the top soil, your house will be warped and collapse in a hurry, often while you are building it.

For most of you this is really bad news, because you are hellbent on staying phony happy, phony loving, phony well… delusionally high self-esteem-ed, and you are unwilling to even look at what is real. But what’s real is real, and if you ignore it it will bite you in the a-s-s. No compassion, no looking, just continuing what isn’t working, and never will work is stupid… Here, I said it. Stupid.

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What constitutes your word in ‘my word is my bond’ statement?

Integrity, the bottom line, is your word. WORD.

What constitutes your word, you should ask… Why? Because if you are like most people, you babble all day, inside and outside.

Homo Sapiens lives through babbling.

The evolutionary state humans are at is Homo Sapiens. NOT Human Being. Human Being lives through BEING… not available on the level of Homo Sapiens.

So our most important aspect, babbling, is our Achilles Heel… and that we say more, much more than we are willing to commit to.

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Why you feel lost when you feel lost… here is how to find yourself…

What does it mean feeling lost?

When you don’t feel at home in your body, when your feelings, your thoughts pull you out of yourself, you have a sense that you are, somehow, lost in the shuffle. That you don’t have any say in the matter of your life, what you feel, what you do, what you say…

You feel you are put on a roller coaster, and it wasn’t you who put you there…

How did it happen and what can you do about it? How can you find your way back home, to your own self? this is what this article is about.

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The capacity of ‘The Sight’… that gives people like Warren Buffet the edge

Some weeks are like this: I do something, see something, write about something important, and on Monday Roy Williams’ Monday Morning Memo echoes it.

This is the case this week… You know when you manage to do something whose time has come? Gratifying, rewarding, like the Universe nods in your direction.

Roy Williams, the Wizard of Ads, has the capacity of The Sight open. But just like me, he doesn’t know it’s a capacity, he doesn’t know it’s DNA, he thinks everyone has it… And most of what he writes delights the people with sight, and eludes the people with the capacity of The Sight still closed.

His article about the Elbs, the Exponential Little Bits of change will make no difference for you or your actions unless you have your DNA capacity of seeing the consequences of your actions opened… or open. You know that something makes no difference when you nod and keep on reading… or when you don’t even nod… lol.

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Remorse, regret, self-recrimination

Remorse is the ability to humble oneself and healthily repent for past mistakes ~ Ryan Fan

I remember being in a Landmark program, years ago, that railed against the 3 R’s… regret, resentment, and I don’t remember the third. But they were wrong.

I have more time nowadays, and I don’t hurry and run away from bad feelings.

Bad feelings are good. Really good. You should take time to hang out with them, and spend some time in their company.

They are cleansing. They are integrity restorer. They are good for you. They would be good for you to use them as a guidance system once you take the time to feel them.

One thing I notice in the partner calls in my Playground is that people cheerfully notice ‘desire to receive for the self alone’ in their stories, present or past, and they are OK with them.

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Guilt, shame, and panacea

Here is something that we can all learn from. It happened to me. When? Today.

I have ordered a portable washing machine, apartment size, and it was due today by Fedex. I left a note on the door downstairs asking the Fedex person to bring it upstairs: with my broken heart I didn’t see myself dragging it up to the second floor.

The Fedex person delivered it and left it before the door of the house… in fact he or she sneaked up to the house: I didn’t even hear the truck… OK… I didn’t hear the truck… the rest: I made it up. Oops.

There I was with this big bulky box… outside on the stoop.

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World View: are you trying to build a life on a foundation of misery?

If you ever decided that you wanted to live your life in a particular way, successful, joyful, productive, fulfilling, you would want to CHOOSE a world view, a world view that COULD create the perfect foundation for that type of life, the life of your choosing.

But you never decided… and you never chose. You have a worldview, or maybe a worldview has you…

World view is a particular interpretation of life, of creation, of power, of choice, of freedom. Of other people, of nature. Of what is important and what isn’t. Of what is agreed upon and what isn’t.

Depending on the world view, only certain actions and certain things can be present. It’s like a stage in a play: you can’t put there stuff that doesn’t belong. That doesn’t have a role… On the stage, if there is a gun there, you can be sure it will be used during the story. I read that somewhere about Chekhov’s plays…

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You can’t fix being human

You can’t fix being human

..that is one of the disappointing things you learn when you do work with me. I won’t feed you baloney like “you are a spiritual being having a human experience…” and other garden variety horse manure.

The other half-sentence is just as disappointing: “you can’t get out of this life alive…”

These two half-sentences address 70% of the popular delusions of humanity.

When you internalize these truly, when you start to be energized by them then your vibration will jump 50 points or more.

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