Take care of what takes care of you

Take care of what takes care of you? ((The picture suggests that taking care of what takes care of you is your duty. No one can or will take care of you, or not really. Everyone’s job is to take care of what takes care of them… That is the secret of a world that works, that is the secret of a life that works.

As long as you expect something or someone to take care of your life without taking care of what you can take care of, yourself, you are set up to unhappiness, discontent, and a life of misery.

You need to reevaluate what belongs to you… and then take care of it.

In technical terms, or in ontological terms (being science) everything that belong to you: you can be responsible for. And you are responsible for enough things to create an unparalleled beautiful life… Really.

Your yearning to be taken care of is your undoing… If you are a “Finish What You Start”, “Removing Hatred”, “Circuitry”. or “Big Picture, “Revealing the Dark Side” soul correction, this is your first thing to attend to. Hate the idea? I thought so…

By the way, the principle doesn’t say “take care of who takes care of you”… Think about that!))

There is a book out there that says “Choose Yourself”.

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Inner peace… is it possible for you?

Inner Peace is elusive, like health.
What do you call peace? The lack of war? What do you call health? Lack of illness?

Imagine that you are walking in a forest, on a footpath on a beautiful summer day. The birds are chirping. There is a slight breeze. There is peace. And you may know that animals are hunting, eating another, and yet there is peace.

It seems that peace is when you are OK with how it is, good, bad, ugly, you are OK. When a ball comes your way: you catch it. When a branch blocks your way, you bend it away. When there is a climb in the path, you climb. When a stone gets in your shoe, you shake it out. No resistance. Life is good.
If you can bring that OK-ness…

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