Want to change your future? You’ll need to change your past… Your future will automatically change with it

The full title of the Playground course is: Playground: it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

Why is that significant? And what the heck does that even mean?

The past is the past, and you cannot change it, they say, but if you look in history books, you’ll see that the past does change… depending on the point of view of the historian…

Reality is collective hunch at best… but the visible, perceivable, three-dimensional reality looks different depending on the vantage point… depending on the context… depending on what criteria you examine it by.

In the Playground we re-write your history. We rewrite who you are, historically, who you are for yourself, who you are for others…

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Reality… the pragmatic approach that makes you happy

Back in the early 70’s I had a live-in boy friend, who was a philosophy student. His father was a famous philosopher, was a Hegel expert.

Hegel, I hear, is one of the most impenetrable philosopher to me. The family, father and three sons, had regular philosophy lessons.

I am not interested in philosophy, not a debating/argumentative person, but lately I am encountering philosophical questions that are at the root of my teaching: teaching you to be in harmony with life, teaching you to live a happy life. ((Here is an interesting philosophical article, that I chewed myself through… not pragmatist at all.))

One of the most important questions here is what is reality, what is real, because all that unhappiness we experience comes from what is not real. ((re·al·i·ty noun

the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.
“he refuses to face reality”
synonyms: the real world, real life, actuality; More
physical existence
“distinguishing fantasy from reality”
antonyms: fantasy
a thing that is actually experienced or seen, especially when this is grim or problematic.
plural noun: realities

synonyms: fact, actuality, truth

a thing that exists in fact, having previously only existed in one’s mind.

the quality of being lifelike or resembling an original.

synonyms: verisimilitude, authenticity, realism, fidelity, faithfulness

antonyms: idealism

the state or quality of having existence or substance.
“youth, when death has no reality”))

Of course, given our sensory organs and their limitations, the fact that most of reality lives in the invisible, and given our propensity ((noun: propensity; plural noun: propensities

an inclination or natural tendency to behave in a particular way.
“a propensity for violence”
synonyms: tendency, inclination, predisposition, proneness, proclivity, readiness, liability, disposition, leaning, weakness)) for having thoughts that have emotional effect on us, we have NO IDEA what is really real what isn’t.
I am a pragmatist…

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Spiritual Capacities: Seeing Wide and Far

This are the rarest human qualities, rarest capacities of all. They require high level of consciousness… that is why.

Of course no one is high consciousness or low consciousness… we are all on a scale of consciousness.

For example I discovered, doing the experiment with the candy yesterday, through glimpses of my behavior and thoughts, that side by side the high vibration, high consciousness person there are remnants of callousness (showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others, cold hearted, unfeeling) that I wasn’t aware of. It includes me, it includes my health, it includes everyone.

I woke up at 3 am from a nightmare… a tiger was licking my dog (I don’t actually have a dog, I have never had one) before it would eat it, and it was all my fault… I was scrambling for some weapon, until I stumbled onto a rake, and stabbed the tiger with it and it let go of the poor dog.

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Feelings, emotions… what should you do with them? or When you have a hammer, you don’t want any other tools…

Most people have one or two tools in their tool box… And what is even stranger: they don’t want any more. Why?

Some of you cannot deal with complexity, and therefore you will deny your right to feel feelings. And some of you will indulge your feelings and never look, never ask any probing questions that could let you see what is really going on…

What am I talking about?

In the Playground program, always starting new groups, we attempt to bring clarity to life, we attempt to reclaim our power over our lives by separating what life seems to be, what seems to be happening in many different ways. One of these is having a “reality” side, everything a Martian could see or detect, and another that is all words.

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There is no suffering, there is never anything wrong in reality. All suffering, all wrong is brought on by words…

We live in an imaginary reality… with literally no capacity, no ability to tell fact from fiction.
For the purposes of this conversation we’ll define reality as something even a just landed Martian can see, a Martian who isn’t complicit ((complicit: involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing)) in the fiction we have been honoring as reality.

A Martian can see what is actually happening, but cannot see anything that is a cultural modification of the happening, or what happens inside your head.

So, for example, a Martian can see your mother talking, can hear voice coming out of your mother’s mouth. But he won’t see yelling, because yelling is a cultural, very emotional modification of speaking, even of speaking loudly. And a newly minted visitor on Earth, a Martian will not consider the meaning of the words, because the meaning isn’t happening…

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Frames… what they are, and how they limit your success, your happiness, your health…

Everybody talks about subconscious beliefs, but I have seen no evidence that there is such a thing. On the other hand almost no one is talking about what’s REALLY limiting you in life: your frames.

If you call something that it is not, you take away the power from the individual… and set them up to pay through the nose, and still remain the same.

Some people are masterful with frames, and their wealth is a testament to that… Tony Robbins is one of these guys.

I have been listening to this investment banker, Oren Klaff, who wrote a book (Pitch Anything) and is now speaking to crowds successfully. ((

If you want to read a book or two… what Oren Klaff calls frame, others call context. The two words mean the same… but there are more books on context than on frames. Meager pickings… 😦 ))

His job is do or die… raise the money or die… every day.

Or as a public speaker, raise the enthusiasm of the crowd… or die.

What’s his secret?

Frames. Controlling the frames inside which people listen to him.

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How to get reasonably clear of your past?

This morning, while I was measuring someone’s starting point measurements, I wondered if there was another word for the desire measure. And it is… drumroll: entitlement. The person feels entitled to get from nature, from the universe, from the world those things that are desired without having to earn it, work for it, barter for it, compete for it… just because they are themselves. Knowledge, love, respect, compliments, stuff, money… It is almost always the same number as the lack of humility number, how much you think of yourself as the center of the universe, as it’s about you, take things personally.

The higher those two numbers are the less satisfying life becomes, because you always feel cheated.

Every young child thinks that the world, other people, their emotional state and response is centered around them.

So when something happens, and something always happens! they are sure it has something to do with them, that somehow they caused it.

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If you find yourself falling back to where you started…

Like any mad scientist, I always keep looking to move closer to the horizon that recedes as I am getting closer to it. It seems I am almost there…

But… there is always some boulder is blocking my way.

So what do you do with that boulder in your way?

My answer is quite counter-cultural. I say: you have that boulder there because you need to get familiar, maybe even intimate with it so it will let you continue on your path.

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What is the shelf life of your word?


Okay. This is part two for whatever day it is. Thursday. So what I said in the previous segment is that until you can tell the difference between what you say and what the machine says, there’s no chance that you can change your context. Now, it’s a little bit deeper than that. Because … and that’s why without integrity nothing works. It’s an integrity issue. Now, we consider integrity in a very pedestrian way. You don’t cheat, you don’t lie, you keep the Ten Commandments and all that morality issue. But, that is not what integrity really is.

Integrity is that, but it is just the bottom of integrity. The real integrity has something to do with word. So the Bible starts with God created light. That was the first step of creation. Or, I don’t know. First there was the word, I think it says. That’s the first line of the Bible and I am not a Bible scholar. I am not a Bible reading person, so forgive me if I am a little sloppy here. So first, there was the word. And then, with the word, God created the light. It wasn’t a visible light, it was all the light. Everything is light. If you consider light a wave, then God created wave. And if you consider light photons, i.e., particles, then God created particles. God created the light.

Now, what does it have to do with integrity? You are no God; right? Well, if you really look, you pretend that you are God. You say things like, oh, I am a spiritual being having a human experience. Yeah, maybe. The most important thing is that this leg of evolution where you acquire the main and fundamental capacity of Godness, if there’s such a thing, Godness, or if it’s a word, Godness, then what you need to do is have a strong relationship to your word. A strong relationship between your self and your word. So the wording that Landmark gives it: integrity is honoring your word as your self. Not yourself but your Self. Which means what you’re creating with your word all the time, all the time, all the time, all the time, and all the time is your Self. Because who is going to play the role in the world? Who is going to decide what’s the context? Who is going to decide what is important and what isn’t? Who is going to decide what to do is your Self. Now, you either have a self or you don’t. Most of you don’t.

You either have a capacity to create self or you don’t. About 40 percent of humanity is born without the capacity to create self. So that much of abot equality. We are not created equal. We are not. Some of you were not created with the capacity. Why? I don’t know. But expect … I read somewhere yesterday, I should have copied it, that expecting that different people at different places of the earth would follow the exact path that was described or that created the modern human is a little bit delusional unless it was really 100 percent in our DNA from the get go, which kind of indicates creation; right? The people who are born this place and that place, are not going to be the same. They

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