The path to self-love… a totally different take… a valid one.

Some 35 years ago I read Rav Hillel’s few lines, If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

If I am not for me, who will be for me? And when I am for myself alone, what am I? And if not now, then when?

it flew in the face of the culture I was raised in, Socialism… I cried, and started to attempt to integrate it.

It took me 35 years.

It’s the hardest of any journey to self-love, self care.

It was for me, and it may be for you… It is easier when you have a teacher.

The main job of a teacher is to hold the dirt while you are digging for gold. The gold is there, but unless someone is there to hold the dirt, the dirt falls back into the hole and covers the gold.

I just listened to a TED talk, and it lays out an amazing and simple way to take care of yourself…

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Should you become a client? Would I even accept you as a client?

For decades one of my sore spots was that people refused to serve me, even though I paid them.

I remember saying to myself: my money is not good enough for you? and wept.

I had no idea how I “accomplished” that… in 20/20 hindsight it is still a little spotty.

What wasn’t clear to me, never even occurred to me, how my attitude effected the service provider. My “To what degree you think of yourself:” starting point measure was, at the time, 70%. From my behavior I would have guessed it was higher.

Mainly I overrode what they said. I argued, I knew better, I acted with contempt…

What I didn’t know then is that being a service provider needs to be a win, or no service.

A customer who is not happy is a drag on an provider, and not worth the little (or even a lot of) money they pay.

I was that kind of customer…

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Holographic reading: the secret of billionaires…

Holographic learning: the only way to human being level

I am reading a book I don’t like. I was told by Source to read it… and I think I found the one sentence (so far) in the 700 page book that I needed to read. One sentence…
Reading, when it creates a world, a rich world to live in, to accomplish in, is holographic. Each book sharpens some area, fills in the missing or fuzzy details.
This one sentence has been that kind of a sentence. It was like a Flash of lightening.

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What is the shelf life of your word?


Okay. This is part two for whatever day it is. Thursday. So what I said in the previous segment is that until you can tell the difference between what you say and what the machine says, there’s no chance that you can change your context. Now, it’s a little bit deeper than that. Because … and that’s why without integrity nothing works. It’s an integrity issue. Now, we consider integrity in a very pedestrian way. You don’t cheat, you don’t lie, you keep the Ten Commandments and all that morality issue. But, that is not what integrity really is.

Integrity is that, but it is just the bottom of integrity. The real integrity has something to do with word. So the Bible starts with God created light. That was the first step of creation. Or, I don’t know. First there was the word, I think it says. That’s the first line of the Bible and I am not a Bible scholar. I am not a Bible reading person, so forgive me if I am a little sloppy here. So first, there was the word. And then, with the word, God created the light. It wasn’t a visible light, it was all the light. Everything is light. If you consider light a wave, then God created wave. And if you consider light photons, i.e., particles, then God created particles. God created the light.

Now, what does it have to do with integrity? You are no God; right? Well, if you really look, you pretend that you are God. You say things like, oh, I am a spiritual being having a human experience. Yeah, maybe. The most important thing is that this leg of evolution where you acquire the main and fundamental capacity of Godness, if there’s such a thing, Godness, or if it’s a word, Godness, then what you need to do is have a strong relationship to your word. A strong relationship between your self and your word. So the wording that Landmark gives it: integrity is honoring your word as your self. Not yourself but your Self. Which means what you’re creating with your word all the time, all the time, all the time, all the time, and all the time is your Self. Because who is going to play the role in the world? Who is going to decide what’s the context? Who is going to decide what is important and what isn’t? Who is going to decide what to do is your Self. Now, you either have a self or you don’t. Most of you don’t.

You either have a capacity to create self or you don’t. About 40 percent of humanity is born without the capacity to create self. So that much of abot equality. We are not created equal. We are not. Some of you were not created with the capacity. Why? I don’t know. But expect … I read somewhere yesterday, I should have copied it, that expecting that different people at different places of the earth would follow the exact path that was described or that created the modern human is a little bit delusional unless it was really 100 percent in our DNA from the get go, which kind of indicates creation; right? The people who are born this place and that place, are not going to be the same. They

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Can you achieve perfection? Can you always do the right thing? Is there such a thing as perfect integrity? Can you have 100% truth value?

As you may know, I live by principles, here is one of the principles… more to come in this article:
It is hard to be silently brilliant: lots of thoughts occur when you open your mouth.
But not all thoughts that occur are brilliant… not in a person who isn’t opening his mouth… ((in the cave of your mind everything feels like a brilliant idea. Or looking at it another way: I had two boy friends who were alcoholics. They both fancied themselves profound and brilliant when they were drunk… lol.)) or who are saying the same things over and over again.

Things not worth thinking are also things not worth saying but you don’t know that until you hear the echo. ((This also includes writing that is published… Unfortunately thousands upon thousands of author wannabes, second handers publish crap, but that is another issue entirely. Just like my old van-mates talk and talk and talk about things not worth saying, these wannabes do that in writing…))

What happens when you speak?

Humans didn’t quite become humans until they had something to say. But speaking doesn’t make someone human: having something worth to say does.
70% of humanity, more than five billions people have nothing worth to say.

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How fast can you raise your vibration? Worth reading again…

There are two main issues (lack of courage and lack of humility) that if you have them, you probably won’t be able to raise your vibration until you overcome these two issues.

To illustrate the first, I’ll use Tai Lopez’s email… Thank you Tai
I had someone ask me the other day “Hey Tai, if you could take one quote from throughout history and make it you life guide, what quote would it be?”

That’s a pretty tough question, because you can use quotes and history as free mentor.

If I had to take one quote and make it my purpose in life, It would be something I read from Alexander the Great. He said “Through every generation of the human race there has been a constant war, a war with fear. Those who have the courage to conquer it are made free, and those who are conquered by it are made to suffer until they have the courage to defeat it or death takes them.”

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Why are you not able to sustain sustain a new mindset? Sustain Change? Sustain Evolution? Sustain Growth?

Yesterday I spent 90 minutes with my coaching client.

This is what I learned:

You are not retaining any of the insights, any of the knowledge you read. And because my site, my programs need you to retain what you were taught, my programs, with you, are wholly ineffective.

I already saw this when I was in Landmark programs: I saw that even seminar leaders don’t retain the knowledge, the coaching, they get.
Change is not enough. We must evolve… evolution is irreversible
Every new seminar they start from zero, or near zero.

I retain everything. But what is the difference between them and me, you and me? Am I superior? Am I special?

So solving this puzzle has been the biggest mountain to climb for me.

It is not that I am smarter. it is not that.

I got the clue from Atlas Shrugged… I knew I had a reason to read it again (third time) I just didn’t know what it was.

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