Kinesiology – one way the 99% manifest

After you accept that there is an invisible 99% that is where all the answers are, even, and especially the ones you never think to ask… then what?

If you could never get “in touch” with the 99%, then you would still be left to your own devices.

The Law of Cause and Effect could be a great way to be guided, but, unfortunately, to preserve your free will, the cause (what you do) and the effect (what you get) are separated by time. Then they are scrambled.

You help someone, without ego. Brownie point for you. Next thing you know, you are hit with a negative effect. What gives?

You do something purely from ego… next thing you know, you get a raise… or some other positive effect.
You are confused. But time and the scrambling IS confusing.

Is there a way one could ask the 99% for advice?

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