Pathways To Gratitude – Acknowledge Source Is…

Pathways To Gratitude – Acknowledge Source Is A Great Way To Get To Gratitude, And ‘they’ say that Gratitude Is The Activator Of The Law Of Attraction, or what I’d prefer to call it: receiving for the sake of sharing.

The purpose of this article is to introduce to you another way to access and activate receiving for the sake of sharing. Receiving respect, energy, love, anything.

I am not only talking about acknowledging the source of a quote or an idea… although it is important.

I once had a friend who was irked by my constant acknowledgment of where the ideas, the knowledge, the technique came from, instead of just pretending they are all mine. I instinctively knew this is why she was dirt poor…

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Strong emotions or curiosity… choose!

I have found that bringing curiosity to life, especially things that normally would cause you strong emotions, can counteract the narrowing of your cone of vision, narrowing of your intelligence, narrowing of your emotional flexibility… while destroying life where you are, where I am… inside me.

Let me say it again: bringing curiosity to things can counteract with misery, upset, anxiety, frustration, anger, despair, resignation, sadness, depression… the whole never ending pool of negative emotions.

It takes training.

Our access, humans’ access to reality, nowadays, is our emotions… instead of our feelings (sensory perceptions and observation) and our reasoning capacity.

Instead of getting a first hand view of reality, we, humans, inside the cave of our minds, we interact with the shadows reality casts… and we are jerked through upheavals by things that aren’t even real.

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What makes Keanu Reeves special and why you would want to learn a thing or two from him_

OK, I am in the middle of writing an article, but this hit my inbox and enough of you have been asking for some advice on what to practice… so here it is: observe Keanu Reeves, and learn to be like him…

Can you? The answer is: probably not… but… by learning and internalizing what he is doing as humility, etc, you’ll have more of reality and more ways to be than you are being now.

Don’t be mistaken: humanity is arrogant. Haughty. Self-centered. Self-aggrandizing. The opposite of what Keanu Reeves is, and the opposite of what would make you life a life worth living.

Now, if you have been smart and own my Big Bundle energy: if you study Keanu Reeves, or even just read this article while you have the energy bundle on your ears, your consciousness will hear it, and hear it as instruction or request: you requesting to be like him… and consciousness will help you.

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I went to sleep at 4:30 am last night. I was reading a book that was fascinating, riveting, and I could not put it down until it came to some conclusion. Then I got up at 8:30 this morning to finish it. The conclusion was even more stunning than the whole book.

The book, The Hot Zone by Richard Preston is a documentary thriller about viruses that come out of the African rain forests and kill people, like aids, like ebola and its different strains.

The book says that the viruses that are on the border of alive/not alive are millions or billions of years old parasites and that their behavior is entirely selfish and they come up as a reaction to the elimination of the rain forests and the overpopulation of the planet by human parasites.

I nodded as I read it. Human beings, like viruses, like parasites, only care about their host a little bit, but for the most part they only care about themselves. They use their environment to make more of themselves, whether that destroys the host or not.

I don’t have a TV, but from time to time, when I am forced to check my yahoo mail online, I am exposed to the “news.” I always regret that I watched any of it, it is all very depressing.

Yesterday I saw the story of this mother of a 13-year old with Hodgkins sarcoma,  who didn’t want “traditional” (aka money hungry, it is good for my doctors’ pocket book) medicine, and now the police force is after him. And hearing the tone of voice of the anchorwoman who completely agreed with the judge that she didn’t have the right to decide, blah, blah, blah.

Jim Humble discovered a new use for an old substance, sodium chlorite, the cheap desinfector that has been used for ages to clean floors, walls, water, but after his unusual inspiration can be used to kill parasites, bad bacteria, fungus like candida albicans and viruses inside your body and even inside your cells. He calls his activated sodium chlorite the “miracle mineral supplement” because if he called it anything else, he would get killed. Literally. He is also forced to live out of the country.

So what the heck am I trying to say, and why is the title of this post “Freedom?”

Good question. Let’s get to it.

Freedom. Here is what the dictionary has to say
1: the quality or state of being free: as

a: the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action

b: liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : independence

c: the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous <freedom from care>

d: ease, facility <spoke the language with freedom>

e: the quality of being frank, open, or outspoken <answered with freedom>

f: improper familiarity g: boldness of conception or execution h: unrestricted use <gave him the freedom of their home> 2 a: a political right b: franchise, privilege

synonyms freedom, liberty, license mean the power or condition of acting without compulsion. freedom has a

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Holographic reading: the secret of billionaires…

Holographic learning: the only way to human being level

I am reading a book I don’t like. I was told by Source to read it… and I think I found the one sentence (so far) in the 700 page book that I needed to read. One sentence…
Reading, when it creates a world, a rich world to live in, to accomplish in, is holographic. Each book sharpens some area, fills in the missing or fuzzy details.
This one sentence has been that kind of a sentence. It was like a Flash of lightening.

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Republished: There Are 3 Categories Of Gurus Mirrored In The Three Types Of Seekers. Locate yourself by identifying your guru’s type. Clarity is power!

There are three categories of gurus and three types of seekers:

Guru Category 1. The Hopeful Path: Naive, pliable, hopeful. Hoping that what you are doing is going to take you out of the misery: having feelings, and a constant battle inside between the aspects of a human being, each pulling in a different direction. You really really really want to be enlightened! Really… lol. But you know you aren’t.

There is shame and guilt and sadness in your emotions, and often anguish: the fear of being caught.Ultimately you “do” this spirituality stuff to get away from being human.You fail. There is no escape… you are human, with all that comes with that territory.

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It’s in your DNA… but it’s not activated

You’ll get the most out of this article, if you map it on yourself, on your life… Everything I write about you can find in your own life, in one form or another.

On Tuesdays I do my grocery shopping. Oftentimes I buy something chocolate, not a whole lot, a few bites I can finish before I get home. Other times I buy more…

I always know I did something really stupid within a few hours… Sugar doesn’t agree with me.

Sometimes I am knocked out for days… my mood, my energy level, my sleep, my mental sharpness all suffer.

So, here I am, Wednesday morning. It began with me not wanting to get up. Then I was so cold, my teeth were chattering. Then I didn’t feel like doing anything. Apathetic.

So I started to ponder, through the fog, and here I am two whole hours later… by this time, normally, I have finished two articles. Not today… I don’t even know if there is enough in me for one whole article… But let me try.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

The great thing about this statement, that you can pull out a little corner of someone’s life and see the whole life… just like with holograms… Don’t even try to understand if you eat sugar or drink, or eat bread… it’s too complicated for you… lol.

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The only spiritual practice that raises your vibration, and can take you all the way

If you live a fragmented life… your life is full of wanting to, having to, needing to and should.

The common thread that can unify your life, the different areas, is who you are.

But if you don’t know who you are, then you consider yourself the different roles you play in different circumstances, with different people… and there is no YOU to unify your life.

Life is horrible for a person like that. Disease settles in the space between what is real and what is pretended. The inner tension uses up all the energy that could be used for life, for the immune system to kill the nasties, invaders, viruses, cancer cells, toxins.

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Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable

Our ultimate aim is to become fully conscious and capable as unique individual expressions of All That Is.

This is very catchy… titillating even. I read this on a blog talking about the reincarnated soul… Barry McGuiness: personal vibration: 170. Truth value of teaching: 4%.

People look at spiritual work as titillating, and that is why nothing happens as a result of the “work” they do. ((

Work is always painful. Work is never “nice”, never an experience, never passive. The soul isn’t doing the work, and the world’s people consciousness isn’t like the Bell Curve…

It’s more like 99.99999999999999% of humanity is unconscious, and has scarcely any spiritual capacities working for them.

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Your vibration is an indicator to what degree you use force, forcefulness, and forcing… including resisting!

Animals are not forceful. Plants are not forceful. Why? Because, while the selfish gene is quite forceful, the animals surrender to the selfish gene… and go “with” it.

Humans are animals with a mind… and the mind is forceful. More forceful than the selfish gene…

The selfish gene is clear on what it wants: it wants to increase itself in the gene pool. That is all it is interested in. It negotiates with nature, with other species, with toxins, with members of the same species continually to lead to evolutionary stable strategies…. ess in short. It adapts or it dies. The more adaptable, the more aware the gene and the vehicle, the more successful the gene is in propagating itself, and it thrives. It cannot afford to be forceful: forceful comes from blindness, and the repercussions is extinction. Forceful means: unaware and uncaring…

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