Hate… why not to hate? How to have enough reason?

I just came back from my chiropractor.

As is my practice, I took my outer clothing, including my shoes in the waiting room and then ready to go to the room with the tables. I hadn’t seen the receptionist in a while so started to walk around in my socks while talking to her, only to step into a cold wet puddle on the carpet.

“Oogh, I just stepped into my wet spot!” I exclaimed. “Oh, I hate that?” She said…

…and this is what this blogpost is about.

You don’t care what comes out of your mouth.

But what comes out of your mouth is even more important that what goes into your mouth. There is a whole billion dollar health food industry capitalizing on your concern of what goes into your mouth.

It’s time to start thinking like you are not a machine that cares about its fuel and fuel pump and exhaust.

You are a vibrational being and what comes out of your mouth makes you who you are… in this example a cringing, resisting, little clot of ailment complaining that the world isn’t going his way.

You can work to fix just one “hate” with months or years worth of healthfood, vitamins, superfood, working out, meditations, what have you… it is so powerful.

So stop it.

First use different words that feel better, like “it is not quite pleasant…”, or “it doesn’t quite agree with me…”
and then you’ll be able to just laugh… like I do.

It’s taken me a year or two to get here, but I tell you, it feels great.

In addition, I have been well. Wow.

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Another review, this time of Gary Douglas and Access Consciousness…

A few years ago when I first “reviewed” Access Consciousness I didn’t check for attachments… and unfortunately my high evaluation exposed a lot of people to the nasty attachments Access Consciousness puts on people. I apologize. If you are one who got involved, please get in touch.

The Gary Dougless, Dain Heer bunch is as nasty as Scientology, maybe even nastier because of their ability to put an energetic attachment on you and keep you trapped.

More of my notes at the end…

Here is an article I found online:

BY CRAIG MALISOW in The Houston (Texas) Press

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John Assaraf review, especially his Winning the inner game of money

Winning the inner game of money is the course John Assaraf is offering nowadays. Should you buy it? Will it suddenly enable you to make money in spite of yourself?

John Assaraf personal vibration: 150
truth value of what he teaches: 7%

Mindvalley is having a new launch, this time around they are promoting John Assaraf and his Law of Attraction class: The inner game of money.

Here is my issue with this whole idea:

What would happen if, by some miracle, your subconscious mind (I don’t believe in that, by the way) came around and you would see that you can make money, that you can be courageous, etc.

Do you think that if that happened you would be making money tomorrow?

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Emotional Healing… Emotions and Vibration

Emotional-HealingThis morning I was browsing the internet for sites that deal with the vibration of emotions.

I found a few, and dug deeper on one.

The website I found had a really good, high vibration piece of content, that I even felt worthy to put into a pdf, so it is easier to read on your mobile device. And if I am lucky, I can have the computer read it into an mp3, so you can drive while you listen.

The vibration of the document, which means its truth value is 600.

The person’s vibration is 170.

WTF, right?
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Healing/Transformational Modality: Bach Flower Remedies Updated, introducing Bach Energies

Bach Flower Remedies, bach flower therapy, list of all the essences

Summary: New Healing Modality, the turning of subtle energies of plants into downloadable, infusable energies is a new modality. The 40 energies of the Heaven on Earth, the 40 Bach Energies don’t interfere with each other, unlike their original, the Bach Flower Remedies, where if you included more than 8 remedies in a mix, your results started to diminish.

The original of this article was published in December, 2011… and this is the third revision to date

Since I first published this article, a lot happened, so let me update you: I got tired of preparing individual Bach Remedies for people. Especially because the muscle test showed that each person needed way more of the individual flowers than the eight Dr. Bach limits a mix.

And I also got emotionally tired of having to feel all those negative emotions of people for sometimes as long as 20 minutes… So I asked Source is the remedies can be duplicated energetically. That was the beginning of a new era in energy medicine.
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