Can you be well, can you get well if you don’t know if something is true or not?

This article has long been in the making.

It’s about our inability to tell what is the cause of something. Or even if there is a causal relationship between two things…

Between tithing and a sudden windfall… between lying and breaking your leg… between eating peanuts and feeling better/worse… Is there a cause and effect relationship there? If you pray: do people get better? If you spend time on a reiki person’s table… do you feel better because someone paid attention to you, or was there even energy there? Questions, questions and no answers.

If it were just you and other consumers of information who don’t know the answers, that would be fine with me, but with the proliferation of the internet, and with everyone and their brother writing, publishing, opinionating, sounding off, repeating things and their opposite, our sense of who to trust, what to believe is at an all-time low.

It used to be that we trusted doctors, and we died feeling that the doctor did their best… and their best was not a match to the task.

And we were right. We did the best we knew to do.

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Why are you promoting other teachers on your blog? And if you are promoting them, why do you tell people how fake they are?

Answer: lol… very funny.

First off: I do not promote other teachers. Promoting would mean that I get something out of the deal, money, or them promoting me back.

In fact, I would only promote a program if I tried it and if it worked for me.

Full disclosure: I made a whopping 178 bucks from putting the link in the article for the Paradigm Jumping product by Burt Goldman. In my opinion it is a great way to get out of your own way… when you notice that you are your worst enemy, which is often.

So then why do I write about these people? I consider it public service. I get an email asking me, or a search looking for that person on my site, and I get curious. I check them out myself, and find out what they are about, etc.

I already have the “data” so it takes me only another minute or two to publish it.

According to feedback, people have a hard time to tell if someone is a fake or not, if someone has high vibration or not, so I am willing and able to help. I can tune into them, read their faces, and muscle test for the truth. It’s easy for me.

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What is your soul correction? What is your soul’s purpose?

Sour correction is a distinction from Kabbalah.

Is it the truth? No, it isn’t… but it is a good guidance. Why? Because it points to the main weaknesses, delusions, distortions, mistakes you have that correcting them will take you high… very high, on the vibrational scale.

Is it easy? No, it is wicked hard.

Is it worth it? Hell yeah.

FREE PDF! Find out what is YOUR soul’s purpose … ($47 Value)

Alternatively, $15 and the year/month/day of your birth will get you an email from me with your soul correction. You can send more if you feel compelled. It will make you feel good, and start you on raising your vibration and maybe even your soul correction. But if you are a professional giver: just the opposite. No kidding. Thank you.

Read some of the articles on Soul Correction. The actions of soul correction reliably raise your vibration: you earn your vibration!”

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What does it mean to raise the vibration?

Vibration is an abstract number signifying the relationship between you and truth, between you and your true nature.

The vibration number is a non-linear number where 35 is despair, almost dead, and 1,000 is the maximum, where you are fully realized.

The average vibration on the planet is 135 (Nov.5,2013) which is being at about 1% of what it is to be a Human Being. A vibration of 200 is the dividing line between wretched and someone who is able to move further up.

Certain capacities, like gratitude, appreciation, love, acceptance are only available at a matching vibrational level, below that level these capacities can be imitated, pretended, role-played, but not fully felt and realized.

Above 200 vibration people are able to do and see a lot of stuff they are unable even to comprehend at a vibration under 200. The higher your vibration the more of the world you can see, the more connection you can detect between things, and you can make better decisions, consistently.

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Strategy to use when you read my blog:

If you find something that you can say “I want this” then click on the red button on the bottom of the post that says “I want this for myself”

So now you

established your desire for what I taught in that article.

Step 2: look if you are willing to invest the work it is necessary to actually get that thing for yourself. I am not talking about products you can buy, although I may have supportive products. I am not selling you here… I am asking you to examine your heart if you are willing to give something to get something.
If you are, good. Move to the next step. If you are not willing, good. Tell yourself: It sounds like a great idea, and I am not going to invest in getting this result. Thank you very much

This way you are not going to use my site to pile on a lack of integrity, a gap between what you desire and what you do… ok? Don’t miss this step.

Step 3: read the article again, read the related articles, engage in research. None of my ideas are something that you can practice after just one reading… if you are trying to do, you will only exercise your mind, and you will do more harm than good.

If you find that you cannot do it without help, start getting the supportive material, pdf, video, activator, remedy, and coaching. If you are still willing to do what it takes to get that thing… result… state… what you said you wanted.

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What happens when you receive an energy download and then you ask for your money back?

First: I give you your money back, if you ask for it within 30 days. I have to, by law.

Second: This is bad news for you. It doesn’t come from me, it comes from your higher self. Your action, whether it came from greed, or buyers remorse, is considered desire for the self alone, and it is starting to punish you. You will experience the opposite of what the energies promise… It doesn’t come from me, it doesn’t come from Source. Your conscience, your soul is punishing you.

The Law of Cause and Effect is in action, and you are paying for your transgressions: always. I am very sorry.

So, please consider this, before you buy.

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How to infuse energy in your water

The infusable energies are weak subtle energies. Therefore the audio source needs to touch the bottle.

I have tried to infuse energies remotely, and more often than not, I failed…

So, what you do is play the audio as loud as you can, and place the headphones facing each other on the bottle that contains the water.

The larger the surface of the headphone speaker, the tighter the headphones are touching the bottle, and the louder the audio, the more energy will be infused into the water.

If you use earbuds, the time will be 10 times longer than if you use full size headphones.

If you play the audio AT the bottle, no energy will infuse.

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Do you offer a refund on measuring your vibration?

I measure your vibration when you send me a $15 or more.

99% of requesters don’t like the results they get, that’s why I am not asking you to pay. Sending a donation is not paying… and measuring your vibration is not a service.

I once had a suitor who bought me stuff. I didn’t know that he considered his gifts as downpayment to owning me…

When I told him I wasn’t marrying him, he took me to court.

Your question shows me that you may be a lot like him…

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