Updated: Discovery, invention, innovation and ambition: Introducing the Unification Energy

Summary: some six thousand years ago a mind virus was introduced. It lead to the rise of a strong ruling class and a sheep-like plebs. In this article I introduce the first ever remedy to the mind virus: the Unification Energy.
You see, humans have a strong inner connection to wisdom through connecting to All-Knowledge, but the mind virus severed, blocked the connection between the part of each human that connects and the part that they consider themselves to be… the part that has the mind, the subconscious, the body, and the Ego. The part that will look for nourishment, guidance, leadership, meaning, outside: on the horizontal plane.

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No amount of paint will paint ugly beautiful

A lot of people have bad skin. Acne, rashes, moles, cellulites… uglies. I put cellulite into this category.

The fixit mentality, the mindset where you don’t go beyond first base ((lol, this is baseball analogy, I hope you understand)) is making people rich. Not you, mind you, people who are willing to sell you s-h-i-t, that you don’t need. You don’t need it because it won’t work.

Cosmetics. Washes. Cleanses. Supplements. Shower filters. Alkaline water. Makeup.

Why Sophie, what is wrong with those?

Probably nothing. But…

You can’t paint ugly beautiful.

Your inner ugliness is showing on your skin.

Why? How?

The skin is our largest elimination organ. Your body first uses the kidney, then your poop, and if all those are full, then it will push stuff out through your skin.

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Is it worth it?

This question, “is it worth it?” can be about doing something… something that is not immediately pleasurable, not immediately profitable. Certain soul corrections consistently answer this question with: “it isn’t worth it.”
But how about buying something? How much should something cost, to reflect its value to you accurately?
On the surface this question sounds so true, so smart, doesn’t it? After all you often have this sneaking suspicion that things are overpriced! WTF, right?

But if you look at value versus price comparisons, you ultimately need to look at through a different question: through whose eyes are you looking?

Let’s look at an example. I hope to shed light to the difference:

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How lack of astuteness keeps us Sick

The Logic System Of The Mind Is “Everything Is The Same As Everything Else … Except Not Always.”… and the mind, of course, is stupid
The test of a first-rate intelligence (astuteness) is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.
The comment that sent me to the article on the different cows that produce different milk woke me up.

Life is a lot more complex, has a lot more variety than our brain, hellbent on simplifying, is able to, or even willing to track.

I fell in hate with Bill Harris, when he said: water is water. That was in 2005. I knew better…

What I didn’t know, that everything that looks the same isn’t the same by necessity, only by accident.

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Habit Stacking… a shortcut to your new life

I am reading a book, Habit Stacking. I think all non-fiction kindle books are poorly written… and I hate them. No joy of reading, even if the information is good. This one is no exception…   but the topic is needed.

Why do you need what this book teaches? Why do you need habit stacking?

In my programs, both in the health program and in the “good life” program, you will need to develop new habits. But… to develop a habit by itself is an uphill struggle, and to maintain it is virtually impossible.
Quote of the Day

If you never venture beyond what you know… You’ve spawned your own limitations.
I have been practicing “habit stacking” without giving it a name, successfully. What I am learning is that I can take it to a whole different level. And I can stack all desirable habits into stacks.. groupings, and things will get done…

Do what’s difficult when it’s easy… but it’s easy to say, hard to accomplish. Because what is difficult only shows up when it is already not easy… when it’s needed, what you already gone too far not having done it.

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Disclaimer… Who am I to guide you in your quest to health? The Truth Method


My reviews on health, supplements, and nutrition, practitioners, systems, modalities are based on a little knowledge and a lot of muscle testing.

I am not a doctor, I am not a nutritionist, I am not a pharmacist… I am a True Empath, an avid reader, and a very diligent muscle tester. I also test some stuff on myself. To the tune of thousands of dollars worth of stuff a year. ((If you read my bio, I went from an unwanted preemie, to a sickly baby, to a sick adult. Sick in my body, sick in my spirit. I woke up to the possibility of taking responsibility for my own well being, when the doctors were suggesting to operate on my stomach that had been bothering me for 25 years. I heard the quiet little voice say: no.

That was pretty much the last time I went, voluntarily, to a doctor. A few more times I was taken… but none of those incidents with the medical establishment turned out well for me.

Adhesions that are crippling. Major brain damage due to medical error. Loss of teeth due to medical greed.

At some point I was reading seven different “alternative” newsletters, only to distill my opinion: they all are trying to sell me something.

It is the truth with anyone and everyone who makes more money if you follow their instructions or advice.

In my practice, I make sure this is not the case. I make money for what I do… and your well-being, smile, and thriving is my “tip”.))

I also test on clients: it is never intentional, but it is often a test nevertheless. Watching, observing evaluating, learning new things.
The hardest thing to test is: why something won’t work. Why? Because if you ask stupid questions, you’ll get stupid answers.
The art of asking questions is to get to the cause… to the root.

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What if getting unstuck is a formula? or How to be a Houdini?

You are nearly always stuck. You may not notice, because you are not rocking the boat, shaking the tree, you are not trying for more, better or different, you are sleepwalking.

When I say “you” I mean, you, me, everyone.

And I am sleepwalking too, but at least some of the time I am conscious of it.

Now… where is this going… right? Do you have to say something, Sophie? yes, I do.

Yesterday was one of those “trouble comes in three’s…” day.

My landlord said something that scared the bejesus out of me… it looks he wants me to move, or else. One of my students got mad at me and quit. And it looked I was on my own getting groceries… the store is far… and the groceries are heavy.

So I saw that regardless of my normally quiet mind, sleep was largely out of question. So I read thill 12:30, and got up at five. And sat down to work.

It, life, my life, looked hopeless. I felt stuck. It felt real.

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Medical Intuitives – Vibrational Reviews – Anthony William

You’ll notice that I am experimenting with a new format. Your feedback is appreciated.
Anthony William, medical intuitive
I was lead to this guy, and his page by a friend of mine who is using his advice.

Interesting tidbit: you don’t have to be a high vibration person to be a medical intuitive. Anthony William’s vibration is 130. You can have a fancy made-up name, a fancy made-up story, and some good testimonials, and there you go.

1. his vibration (1-1000) 130. his dominant emotion is greed.
2. his overall intelligence, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, body, relationship, etc. 50
3. the number of spiritual capacities you have 3
4. his soul correction (his machine): http://www.yourvibration.com/sc no date of birth… sorry
5. does he have attachments? no
6. the level of his health (1-100) 7%
7. the level of his cell hydration (1-100) 5%
8. his relationship to feedback and instruction: doesn’t want any
9. The level of discomfort you are willing to allow w/o trying to fix it. This is his TLB score… 1

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Still with the extra $33 a day question in mind…

Still with the $33 a day increase in mind, I attended a webinar.

The product sold on the webinar is an unusual way to make money: in essence investing. High risk, high return.

I’d attended this webinar before, but I was at a different place in my life than this time, so I stayed till the end. I diligently muscle tested.

I asked slightly different questions this time, more in line with the supplement reviews I intend to write: I didn’t just ask: is this good for me? can I do it? can I make money with it?

Instead I asked the same questions in general terms. And I learned something new and interesting.

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Follow up on the request to help me find a way to make $30 a day reliably

OK, something really remarkable happened. I created a “forum”… I put up this “topic” yesterday, and until this morning no one could give me any advice: registration was blocked… standard settings that I should have changed, but I didn’t.

So the question, $30 a day, was whirling in my unconscious, from time to time showing up as a question.

…and as I was looking for a Turmeric-Curcumin supplement for a client, I came across a review site of supplements… And the aha moment: I could do that! And I may be more qualified than this ex pharmaceutical person, who runs that site. ((The Turmeric Curcumin I started to take on July 25, two weeks ago, was the only one that tested “yes” both for me and the client. The rest: no, or not quite. Here is my experience so far: I have my pain reduced by more than half. And an unexpected result: when I muscle test myself, there is NO INFLAMMATION in my body… Wow. And the even more unexpected: my belly fat, the little that remained, is seemingly letting go and leaving. Double Wow.

So you can be sure I am going to give this brand, this formulation a two thumbs up in my new review site…

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