Seeing the big picture… wide cone of vision and a TED talk

Finally a TED talk that explains why seeing the big picture is such an amazing capacity. Why it can alter your life. Why it allows you to learn. Why it takes you out of the fear of making mistakes…

It also explains why “normal” adults stop being able to learn, experiment, be creative…

One student asks: If I have identified something as worth having/knowing, when I set out to read a book or take a class, if there is an agenda there, what do I do with that agenda? How, if I could, would I abandon what I think I should be going after to pursue life as more of an experiment? Does the courage to walk away from what I think is the path, the missing piece?

The agenda he is talking about is the “economical” little (or big) piece you want out of your activity. And once you fix what you want, you’ll see nothing else, like a machine.

No creativity, no growth, no experimentation. Dull. Boring. And a perfect waste of a life.

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Could reading Charlie Munger’s favorite books be considered being mentored by Charlie Munger?

Could, reading Charlie Munger’s favorite books be considered being mentored by Charlie Munger? ((Charles Thomas Munger is an American investor, businessman, and philanthropist. He is vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate controlled by Warren Buffett. Buffet has described Munger as “[his] partner.”)) Or how to learn to do what people did through reading what they read… So you can do it too. So you can see what they saw.

People with humility and success quote a lot. They know where their views, where their knowledge comes from. And their knowledge is deep, instinctive driver of actions. Not book knowledge, not Trivial Pursuit knowledge. NOT Tree of Knowledge.

I read eclectically. The next few books that are on my list now come from Charlie Munger’s suggestions.

He sees things I don’t. He has wisdom I don’t. What he reads has something to do with it. How he reads, how he thinks… He says: “Becoming rational is a slow, arduous process.” You need to build up to developing that skill. Most of us have very small capacity to use our brains. But it can only be grown like a sculpture. So most don’t even start.

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Approval Addiction: the main symptom of no self, no core, no courage

Statistics show that nearly 100% of the population is addicted to the approval of others, yet few of us are aware of it. And for average person with modest goals, it doesn’t really matter.

The problem arises when an ambitious person decides to build a career, business or pursue dream that requires substantial exposure to rejection. Studies show that over 80% of these people abandon their ambition within the first 12 months due to the pain of daily disapproval.

This is how Approval Addiction shatters dreams.
Approval addiction comes from the misunderstanding and the distortion of what the Tree of Life need, the need to meet the expectation of others tells you.

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Insights are a dime a dozen. Each insight is an opportunity mostly not acted upon

I have noticed that my health number has gone up 10 points, and my hydration went up another 3 points.

I also noticed that maybe I am a little smarter. I see a little more than before.

I have also noticed the same on students, that when their health improves they see more too… so I am not unique this way.

But yet, in spite of the high vibration, certain things scare the crap out of me, sorry for the crude expression… You see, high vibration doesn’t necessarily make you more polished.

So, this afternoon, as I was listening to my 67 step for today, I had an insight. Meaning: I saw something that has far reaching consequences… potentially. ((By the way, this is why the saying “insights are a dime a dozen” is true. And insight creates an opportunity that you either take advantage of or not. But alas, when you think about opportunity, you always think about buying a lottery ticket that will win, or that good looking stranger walking up to you and suggest to go out… Not acting on your insight. Even though the way out of the situation you want to improve, is through acting on insights.

This type of opportunities in the 67 steps coaching are by the hundreds… and most people don’t act on any of them. They remain insights: a dime a dozen.

The way to get your money’s worth in any program, including this one, is to act on the insights… That is how to have it be life-altering.

Doing it the way you watch television is the way to have it make you busy, and make ultimately no difference.)) 

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People are writing to me that they had no trauma to bring to the Sunday Feelings Webinar.

A trauma is an incident. The significance is in your emotional response, not in what happened. The same incident is no big deal for others, but it is, or was a big deal for you.

Here is an example from my life:

I went on my biweekly grocery shopping trip with the old folks van yesterday.

They asked what’s new, and I shared that I asked the Community Center to give me a chance to do a short lecture on water. The answer to that was a groan. Audible, and coming from a deep reluctance and distaste.

It wasn’t the right time to deal with it then and there, so I stored it away for analysis later.

And this is “later”… let’s do it now.

First off: the groan awakened a whole series of memories, unpleasant memories of earlier similar incidents.

Earlier similar is a technical term.

Let me explain:

When you are upset, you are never upset from or by what is happening right now.

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Another missing piece of the healing puzzle…

I learned something today. It’s a big catch. And instead of being ashamed… I am happy. Because we can all get better because of it.

I don’t know about you, but I am always surprised when I learn something new. What there is to know rarely show up as something that is missing… and most of my reading rarely results in substantial learning.

But today, two major things… What a day, eh?

One I can share about, the other: I am in the middle of it, so I’ll share once I have made it instinctive part of my life.

This one, the one I can share, is about digestion and well-being.

Before today I had never heard about prebiotics. Or if I did… I must have pooh-poohed it. Just like you pooh-pooh (to express disdain or contempt for; dismiss lightly) many of the things I write… lol.

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Human survival need: Meeting the expectation of others

Before I get into defining what this need is doing, and what is the extent of it, I’ll tell you what may be in your way…

In the movie Sling Blade, the main character is asked in an interview, just before he is released from prison: “Will you kill again?” He answers: “I don’t reckon I have a reason to…”

This is when you know he will…

Animals don’t kill their kind… or not often. And never from anger.

Humans do.

And therefore, to make it possible to live in societies, societies created rules, laws, that are non-negoitiable.

The ten commandments in the Bible are the main inviolable rules. Don’t kill. Don’t steal. Don’t covet. etc.
The need Meeting the expectation of others is a need that makes it possible to develop and grow a self.
Without meeting the expectation of others, namely society, namely being lawful and decent and not a freeloader (a burden on society), you cannot develop a self.

The other extreme is when you think you need to be liked… When your actions, concerns, ideals come from being liked, being well thought of… you cannot develop a Self, your self is not yours… it is wholly and fully owned by the circumstances.
It is a thin line (like with everything) between not meeting the expectation of others and being a slave to others’ likes and dislikes.
A balancing act.

I know it intimately. In every single interaction I need to walk the thin line, step on toes on one hand, be true to myself on the other, and have integrity as well.

Now, what triggered this article is an interesting phenomenon, that I don’t think is rare at all.

Just like in the movie Sling Blade, the main character, Karl Childers has no moral compass, and views life that killing is OK if you have a reason, a lot of people consider stealing OK. As long as they have a reason.

I used to be like that. When I was in England, at age 18, I was accused with stealing. I felt angry and developed a roving eye. I was looking for stuff to steal. To create some balance?
It took me many years to get rid of that anger, and the justification for stealing.
I didn’t steal big things, but I stole.

I see people stealing. Often the justification is: “My folks, my ancestry, my father was robbed of (fill in the blanks) so now I am taking back what is ours.”

Of course there are people who steal just because they want what they steal…

Same is the situation with keeping your word, having your word be true to yourself. Having your behavior true to yourself.

I am interested in this justification angle. I am interested in the reasonable angle… when you have a reason to steal, kill, lie, cheat, betray, be shitty, cruel, mistreat yourself or others. Be lazy, Be self-serving. Be wasting your life.

Why? Because you will be, in life, either reasonable or unreasonable. And how you do anything is how you do everything…
Having justification for anything makes you a reasonable person. In every area of your life. And being reasonable

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One of my clients emailed me the other day for a permission to sell energized water on ebay.

One of my clients emailed me the other day for a permission to sell energized water on

It is one possible way to make money with what you bought from me.

When I was first introduced to the concept of Energized Water, I bought product that used entrainment, an energetic process in which the higher energy item pulls up the lower energy item to its own level.

They did that by putting energized water into a chamber: into a pipe you could put into your bottle, between two walls of a mug or a container, into an egg, into a pyramid.

Before I created the Water Energizer Audio, I enabled my clients the same way. My most popular product was the energizer pitcher: it had a closed chamber where you could put energized water, or a gel insert that I energized for clients.

It worked.

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A fresh look at lack of humility… the lack that causes you to not be able to learn new things

I am reading a book that says: the purpose of life is survival. ((It is clear that the purpose of the genes is survival. Not the vehicle (for a human gene the vehicle is a human body) but itself. The gene. Long and short term survival. The gene actually doesn’t care whether that survival is noble, enjoyable, fun. None of that. Just survival long enough to produce another generation of vehicles.

The human vehicle, because of its consciousness, desires quality of life, liberty, and self-determination… the list is probably a lot longer, but the human vehicle, you, definitely considers a life without those not worth living. Not a life for a human. The history of humanity could be told through the struggle, resignation, stagnation, loss, of those values. From freedom to overt slavery to hidden slavery… this is where we are now.))

So I am going to look at the issues that hold my students back through that distinction: survival. If what I find is true about my students, it is probably true for other people… as well, maybe even you…
So, the question is: how does lack of humility serve survival… or the illusion of survival? After all an individual’s ability to survive increases greatly by learning new things… and yet.

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The Desire Trap and how to release it… A life with greed, want, desire, or resistance cannot be a happy life

The book Feelings writes at length about the Desire Trap, ((Quoting from the Feelings book by Margoczi:
Although the desire trap may look harmless at the first sight, this is the trap the most people suffer from around the world. Another reason for discussing the desire trap first is because it often connects to other traps to form trap systems with them. In order to understand the essence of traps, let us take an example. Let me invite my dear reader for a pint of beer in the local pub (or the more sensitive ones for a tea in a tea shop). We are sitting there peacefully with our beer at the counter when the rhetorical question arises: Do I desire a beer? The answer is: No way. The man who has been wandering around the desert for two days: yes, he desires a beer. He’ll almost die to get a beer, that is how strong his desire is! As a matter of fact, you can also desire a beer when you are sitting at the counter but you cannot fall into a desire trap. You only need to stretch out your arm and the beer is yours. Due to its function, desire can only exist for a few seconds until we get the object of desire. The two criteria of a desire trap though are: the desire itself and the fact that you cannot get the object of your desire.
)) but ultimately offers no escape route.

So I have been observing, and experimenting. Also attempting to widen the definition.

Desire for what…
The essence of the desire trap is two-fold

1. what you desire is not possible for you, or not right now. So you fantasize about it, and it gives you momentary relief… and thus it creates the trap. You keep desiring and you keep fantasizing about getting it.
2. what you desire is not up to you, or desiring it is a “rule” you made up for survival. Because it is not up to you, you can’t attain your desire.

The physical manifestation of desire is greed, and it shows up in the throat.

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