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Let me check your vibration

Let me check your vibration?

let me muscle test your vibrational frequency
A donation of $2 will get you an email from me with your vibrational frequency. I’ll muscle test it while I am connected to you AND Source… You can send more if you feel compelled. It will make you feel good, and start you on raising your vibration. No kidding. Thank you.

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The Map of Consciousness will show you what the number I sent means.

Attachments? Cords?

let me check if you have attachments on you

Attachments? Cords?

If you are weak, tired, drained, listless, can’t get from A to Bb… You may have an energetic attachment on you draining you of your Life Force.

Let me check it for you for a donation of $2 or more

In my response I will say how many, if any, and will send you a payment link if you want me to remove them for you.

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Energize Your Water

energize your water to energize your body

Water Energizer Audio

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FREE report!

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Heaven on Earth

Warning! Not shipping when night temperatures drop to the deep-freezing range!heaven on earth hoe all 40 Bach energies infused in a bottle of water preserved with some alcohol

Remedy comes in a bottle, enough for about 6 weeks.

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How to take your remedy once it arrives?


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Get your Heaven on Earth in audio format. Use it 24/7. Use it to infuse it in your water. A breakthrough in delivery. 100’s of satisfied users.

The HOE audio works stronger and differently than the bottled version. If your vibration is under 170, it won’t work on you directly; use it to create your remedy instead.