Removing Barriers to you being all-you-can-be

I just read an excerpt of Mark Manson’s (vibration: 260) book, about the path to growing… The art of not giving a f*ck

Even the brief is worth reading…

Some people write better than me. Some people find solutions faster than me. Some people can teach ME things… Baah, right?

What Manson says is the essence of the Michelangelo Method of growing.

You remove everything that doesn’t work, everything that is not you, everything that doesn’t support you in living life you love and living it powerfully.

But the sticky part of this process is telling the truth about having been wrong.

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So you want to be important… liked… relevant… belonging.

So you want to be important… liked… relevant… belonging.

This issue is coming to the forefront… This expectation of be made important, liked, relevant, belonging by other people, or by some job, of by association, or by some success.

Or to be liked by behaving in a certain way, be liked by other people because of something you do or don’t do.

It is an aspect of being an effect… not a cause. Little explored by anyone.
You are either in the world of because or you are cause… BE cause

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Self awareness is not enough. Understanding is not enough.

If you want to become more, grow, evolve, self awareness is important but it is not enough. Meditation is not enough. Having a person to model yourself after is not enough. Reading is not enough. Understanding is not enough either.

Something is missing, the presence of which would make the most difference, and could take you through the barrier to full knowledge of your machine.

What machine, you ask?

This is the same as when you mention to someone that their little voice is always talking… What little voice they ask?

90% of what matters about a human, about you, is in the invisible, the vague, the hidden. Even others can only see the peak of the iceberg, not the whole… not the part that is immersed, not the part that we call “the machine”.

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Last night I spent a lot of time looking at a deluge of memories of things I did that I am ashamed of

I just slashed my finger for the third time this morning. I will have a hard time muscle testing for a bit… Here is what happened:

Last night in bed I spent a lot of time looking at a deluge of memories of things I did that I am ashamed of.

They came, vividly, fast and furious, things I have long forgotten, things I am not proud of.

I resisted the temptation to explain them away, I resisted turning away. I resisted saying they are wrong.

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It is hard to go out of the trench you dug… or if you prefer to call it, the groove

The walls of the groove cover up what the groove is really about.

I have two students with the same soul correction, both want attention. What they don’t will have a difficulty seeing that attention is the wall of the trench… not the cause: an effect.

Let’s look what could be missing?
All humans have needs that when they are not fulfilled, their chances to remain alive are lessened.
We have read that if an infant is not held, is not groomed, the lack of that touch makes them less resistant to illnesses, and less able to stay alive.
“For babies to truly thrive, they need to be held and touched soothingly. Research has shown intentional touch can deliver neurologic, behavioral and cognitive benefits to a developing infant. … Skin-to-skin or “kangaroo” care: The mother holds the diaper-clad infant against her skin beneath her clothing.”
“Why is touch so important to an infant?
This sense is essential to children’s growth of physical abilities, language and cognitive skills, and social-emotional competency. Touch not only impacts short-term development during infancy and early childhood, but also has long-term effects, suggesting the power of positive, gentle touch from birth”

I feel that touch is an indicator that the child is wanted. A promise.

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Unless you go to the beyond you are still on the horizontal plain, and in the common world

I participated with Landmark Education in all kinds of positions, participant, coach, trainee, leader. After 26 years I quit.

I quit for the same reason I quit Emotions Anonymous, and ACOA, Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.

I quit because they were stuck. Stuck in the ordinary world. Stuck in the ordinary mindset. The participants, the leaders… they never moved out of the deep misery… so they were going back, year after year, “sharing” the same stories with the exact same words, with the exact same emotions they shared the year before.

Nothing changed for them, while I managed to unstuck myself, one “story” at a time.

I left, because I thought I knew it better. But I only knew the end result… MY end result. And I didn’t really know how I got there… and therefore I could not take you there with me.

It took another five years to (hopefully) be able to say: I now have all the steps that took me there. I can take you there… and not lie, not exaggerate, just take you there…
Yesterday I had a call with a one-time student of mine, who left my programs to participate with Landmark Education, back in 2014. And she is coming back after six years there.
She did every program, some several times, spent tens of thousands of dollars, and she came back exactly the same as she was when she left in 2014. Not happy, not joyful, not free.
Is it Landmark Education’s fault? Is it her fault?

No, when you are not able to connect to the beyond, then you are stuck on this side.

What is beyond? Beyond is nothing woo-woo. It is like walking though a wall, a one-way mirror, penetrating a paradigm that is beyond what is available to you, to the current culture, using the currently available tools, perception organs, thinking modes.

Breaking through like Truman did in the Truman Show. Broke out of the limited stage of his existence.

The giants we are all so proud of, Albert Einstein, Madame Curie, they got a glimpse, in their dreams, in some altered state… and brought what they saw into the current paradigm, but didn’t altered it a bit.

You can pull “beyond” knowledge into the ordinary, and turn it into ordinary too.

Some giants of science, like Isaac Newton, got their beyond knowledge from the Kabbalah. And like Einstein, they dragged the knowledge into the ordinary, and made it part of ordinary knowledge.

The ancient Kabbalists spent their entire day being connected to a higher paradigm, and there was no dragging, they lived in the vertical, the higher paradigm. Kabbalah was forbidden to 99% of the population, you needed to be qualified to gain access. It was considered secret and occult, because of the knowledge being so beyond the ordinary. The weak can go mad from living in two paradigms, and have no one to talk to in the lower, where anything you say sounds weird, or illegal, or stupid, or arrogant. By some Kabbalah was also considered sorcery… but it isn’t, not as far as I can tell.


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More about flexibility…

Sometimes people get an idea of activating a capacity that is so alien to their culture, it takes a good 5-10 minutes for the history channel, the ancestors backwards, to build.

No one in your ancestry possessed that capacity… so it has been non-existent for you even culturally.

It is so unfamiliar that ego doesn’t even know to protest. It is like a way of being that is totally unfamiliar… you can’t see other than special people, like kung fu fighters, or shaolin monks to demonstrate it. And, of course, Aikido. I have a book, Aikido in everyday life… illustrates how this principle looks in real life… brilliant.

Flexibility is also the capacity to be able to keep your balance even though the world is pushing you hither and thither…

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