Frustrated? You are not in sync with Life

The first fish that left the water realized that moving about with what it had. That first fish didn’t make itself wrong, didn’t make life wrong, wasn’t frustrated… instead it realized  walking with fins was too slow… so it started to realize it needed something that was more suitable for land… legs.  That is how it was in sync… The fish used its fins until eventually they became legs… of course, over time… but you’ll get the lesson, how this applies to you, I hope.

This is how Life works, that is how evolution works. Until you introduce humans… that is.

I have always been a curious kid. I always pondered, experimented, took things apart… I never asked questions, never asked others to solve my quandaries. I like the process, you see.

My examples, in my teaching, in my coaching, show that I like and understand machines. I like to think of myself as Edison who potentially never solved the problem of the light bulb… and who enjoyed every failure as much as the previous one…

Solutions, answers, cheap successes are for losers… and I am not one. lol. I am a winner.

What the heck does that mean… right?

Being a winner is an experience you have of yourself… not reality. There is no such thing in life ‘winner’. Without saying/thinkin it, winner doesn’t exist. Unless you say ‘winner’, in life, in objective reality there is no such thing. And yet, the experience of being a winner, or more often of being a loser is very real.
It all depends on what you say. On your expectations. And on your results.

If you intend to win every time you do something, your experience in life will be, most likely, being a loser.
If you expect things to be easy and you are unprepared for them to be the way they are… often difficult, often needing effort, your experience of yourself will be an experience of being a loser.

There are no losers in life… only the experience… The result the capacity of foresight would tell you ahead of time, so you could, maybe, perchance learn from it? No? Not you? OK… no problem. You always have what you caused. You cause your own experience… just like I do.

I expect to be wrong, or mostly wrong, most of the time. And I am never disappointed.  Or frustrated.

When I look, given this filter I have, the people I can see that have left their footprints in the sand of time are other people who love or loved failures.

It’s a different game than most people play. Most people want to maintain an image of themselves and they play it safe, play to “remain” in a winning streak, afraid to touch anything that could say they are not that.
Life, like a machine: in working order won’t reveal how it works, a life in working order won’t show what makes it work, what are the moves…
You see what is going on from the discrepancies between what is and what seems to be the function of something…

…and when that is your main focus, (what is the function of something) then you can get to th

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Are you shoulding on yourself?

Joke: Why do violinists put a handkerchief between the violin and their shoulder? So they don’t violin on themselves…

Not many people play the violin, but we all should on ourselves. some more, some less.

I should already know it, I should already do it well

Some people can’t learn… and therefore they are stuck. We could even say: most people.

Let me ask Source how many. 70% of humanity has the affliction, the disease of the mind I highlight in the title of this article, I should already know it, I should already… [fill in the blanks]

Shoulding effectively prevents you from learning, let alone mastering anything. You are afraid to do anything in public, for fear of people finding out that you are not something enough to already be the best.

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You live in an illusion… like The Matrix… And you are not happy…

In a workshop yesterday we spent some time defining  REALITY. what must be present, what checkboxes you must tick for what you see to be reality.

It was a first for most people… Reality is one of those words: foggy, undefined… amorphous. In the Starting Point Measurements I measure to what degree you are accurate with your vocabulary, especially with words like ‘reality’. Most people are at or below 10% accuracy.

We came up with four criteria… and there could be more.


1. collective: everyone should be able to see it
2. there is only one reality and it’s the same for everyone
3. reality doesn’t change over time. The interpretation may, but what happened happened.

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But whenever you are comfortable, you stopped growing, and started dying.

One of the principles I keep on repeating without it ever getting gotten, pretty much by anyone, is that YOU can’t tell how intelligent you are, and YOU can’t tell how intelligent a person you interact with is.

The general principle is

you can only see maybe ten points above your own IQ
you consider yourself more intelligent than you are
because are very dupeable… and you cannot see that if someone is a good ‘talker’, if they are entertaining, that doesn’t mean they are intelligent.

I recently measured the IQ of people in two of my programs.

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Why you are fat, tired, listless, dumb, moody, and lack libido (if you do)…

Ultimate healing is possible
You are tired, you are fat, you are listless and you are dumb… oh and moody, argumentative, resistant, edgy… Hard to be with… Or maybe you are meek and don’t have the courage to take care of yourself… Maybe it is not only in your head, maybe it is not only your personality… Maybe it has a lot to do with what you eat, what you drink, and this article is about that…

You have pieces of information here, pieces of information there, disconnected, most of it is untrue. In fact, the average truth value of information on the planet is 1%
The market is flooded with information and products that claim that all your misery is caused by a single cause… It’s bacteria! It’s viruses! You simply lack of enzymes! You are not breathing enough! You lack minerals, here is Youngevity! You’ll get well! You lack essential fatty acids, here, take this! You need to move! Start exercising! You are too acidic, you need to drink alkaline water! You lack of this, you lack of that. And, of course, those products will fix that one single cause… or not even that.

These bombastic claims hit a nerve in you, and you buy what they are selling. Then, for a month (or so) you’ll feel better… only to go back to feeling weak and sick, and sore, and sluggish, and depressed… etc. again.

Then comes along another product and you try that… another good month… and then come a slew of other products… but nothing really ever changes. You are tired, sluggish, fat, dumb… however you were before you started.

How do I know? I used to do that myself.

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You can’t hurry learning, you can’t hurry growth

One of the sins humanity is perpetrating and has been maybe forever is hurry.

Hurry puts you out of sync, out of harmony with Life. Hurry means you want something faster than it is.

While some things can be done faster without a price. You can run faster, but if your heart goes faster too, you’ll drop dead. You can throw a ball faster. You can make an engine faster. But most things move at the speed of the thing, and making them faster will have a price higher than the thing you want.

T Harv Eker, famed money man says that crap rains on you at the speed of crap… That was one of the most memorable moments of The Millionaire Mind Intensive I had the fortune to participate in back in maybe 2009? in Brooklyn, NY. Crap comes faster than good stuff… a lot faster. It takes a long time to build something and a moment to lose it.

Everything has its natural, innate speed, and if you want to make it faster, you have to pay the piper.

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Work and effort: what is their connection to your vibration?

Occasionally I check in with google to see what brings people to my site.

It’s still the two main topics: ‘your eating style’ and ‘the vibration of money’.

I’ve been busy with checking people’s water energizer setup, trying to guide them to success, sustainable success, so once they are beyond the ‘work’ phase, they can just invest a little bit of work to remain hydrated.

I read somewhere Edison quipping: Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work

Almost all your questions are about avoiding work.

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In life you get what you get. Want more? Negotiate for more

A child is self-referential, self-centered, considers everything persona, and sees everything through this vantage point: everything is because of me, about me, for me…

By age three the child is able to see that some things are not related to him, some things have nothing to do with them.

And by now, that you are reading this article, it would be a sign of maturity, a sign that you grew up, if you take nothing personally.

But you do, don’t you. And it makes you miserable, reactive, and ineffective in life.

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How to beat the ‘human condition’ successfully and become a happy person at no one’s expense?

I spent a few hours this week reading really old emails from two of my clients. I was especially interested in their early emails… maybe so I can see what changed?

When you talk to someone nearly every day, it is hard to notice the changes…

So periodically going back and seeing some of the things they said six years ago is really useful in this regard.

I have my customer/client emails saved, all of them, grouped by client, so I didn’t even have to search… Just pick a client, and read…

One of these guys went on and on and on how much he doesn’t want to be human. How much he doesn’t want to be part of the human condition. Live in the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

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Can you be sick and be well at the same time?

Some days the DS energies are stronger than others. Today is one of those days.

The energies can effect the emotions (just like the ones in the Heaven on Earth! just the opposite way: make them stronger instead of weakening them), other days the energies are like physical pain… if you imagine someone using a voodoo doll to torture you, by proxy.

I have an appointment at 3 and I need to decide if I should cancel it.

I connect to Source, and I muscle test: “Am I going to be well at 3?” The answer is yes. I know that the question was “illegal”, I am not allowed to divinate, ask questions about the future. Hm… I ask another question: “Am I OK now?” and the answer is yes.

I laugh and laugh and laugh. It’s funny.

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