Your soul correction and commitment: What is the connection?

As I have said before, soul correction is a set of character defects, specific to your soul correction, that you need to overcome in a lifetime.

Track record through written history shows, that unless someone has guidance, expert guidance, they will not overcome the character defects: it is as if the character defect protects itself.

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You never stop needing to heal…

What is Meaning Healing?

It is transcending suffering, physical, emotional, intellectual… any suffering.

Why do you need healing? you ask. If you don’t… then you are lucky. Most people do. In fact I don’t know a single person who doesn’t… but, of course, you may be the exception.

No matter how you grew up, how good people your parents were, or other people, or your peers, you got banged up. Hurt.

Being hurt is an experience.

Did you get hurt in reality? Not necessarily. But as long as you live in an unreality where your emotions tell you what is happening, you will remain miserable… and hurt… and suffering.

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Quantum reality: There is order in the universe, even if it is not readily observable to you

The visible order, what you can see, is just the top 1%. Below that there is 99% that is order, but you can’t see it.

The more you are of the persuasion that there is a way the world should be, you should be, society should be, to the same degree you are blind, and unsuccessful if you act, and stuck if you don’t.

Of course you expect the order to be obvious, with clear rules, so you don’t have to be responsible for thinking, observing, adjusting your actions to how it is… and ultimately for any of your actions, any of your results.

Predatory genes combined with human culture are deadly, deadly in its consequences.

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Predatory Genes adjustment… am I defanging you?

Predatory Genes… no one wants to think they have many predatory genes… because everyone wants to think that they are generous, caring, loving, sharing people… but no one is. Not at the level of homo sapiens, or not really.

Life is not about having no fangs. Life is about having fangs, and use them to dig out food… or whatever you do with fangs… And to protect yourself.

Life would not be possible if everyone suddenly lost their fangs. Fangs are needed… Just like knives are needed.

How you use them, for what purpose, is what makes a knife a tool for good or bad, useful or harmful.

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I am going to toot my own horn… if I don’t, maybe no one will

If you are not for you, who is for you? (~Hillel)

If You Don’t Toot Your Own Horn, Who Will?

One of the results I got out of having my own predatory genes adjusted from zero to three, is self-appreciation. I now own my results. I am proud of them. Not too much… just as much as they deserve to be proud of.

Finally Hillel the elder would be proud of me. Having no predatory genes, I was never fully be able to be for myself… I always hoped that someone will come and rescue me.

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How to make the world your oyster?

I have been listening to old, 5-6 year old recordings. For most teachers their talks would not be old… they have been, habitually, saying the same tired Tree of Knowledge stuff forever… but for me, they are fresh and surprising. Most of it I wish I remembered.

As we are gearing up to do the 20-day skill learning challenge, (to which surprisingly many people applied, 90% of them NOT American, now that is not a surprise! lol,) I am looking at two kinds of skills:
1. life skills that can get you do things you could not do before…
…but don’t need you to change who you are, your attitude, your behavior, other than be able to put in the 45 minutes a day.

You can learn to play the ukulele, but you won’t become a musician
You can learn to cook poached anything (yummmmmmm!) but you won’t become a chef

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Delusion of choice, bread of shame, perpetration-withhold… dynamics in the invisible reality

I am like a dog with a bone… and this bone, even though I have talked about it, is going to get some chewing done on… because it is coming up and is in my face.

OK, what am I talking about?

We have been talking about reality… a lot, but mostly we have been talking about the visible part of reality, what the Martian can see.

Now, that is just great, but what about the invisible part of reality, the more than 90% of reality?

Really good and tricky question. The invisible part is, by the way, the “don’t know that you don’t know” part of reality.

But, luckily, we do know some stuff from that invisible part due to some incredibly observant people who can connect the dots… visible, invisible, principles that are true in either area.

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What is a soul-mate? Who is your soul-mate? Are they unconditionally nice-nice, or accepting?

One of my students is asking a really good question.

She has two friends whose soul correction is Forget Thyself… and she has a good relationship with me… and I have that same soul correction.

She asks:
Sophie, after I read your last article I checked my last 2 friends’ soul corrections. My one friend who pushed me to a certain level had a soul correction Forget Thyself. My friend now, whom I met this year, also has a soul correction Forget Thyself. Interesting. Do we get attracted to certain soul corrections or maybe we get along better with some soul corrections that matches our soul correction?
The answer is not that simple.

We know that we have two selves. One self doesn’t change. We can call it the soul. Or the Self. Or whatever you want to call it, it is unchanging. It is the same in you, it is the same in me… it is, maybe, the Self of what’s possible for the human species…
Obviously your other self is far from that, it is changing, it is reactive, put together, selfish, and complaining, and haughty, and bossy… all the things you see everywhere.

You are BEING that other self.
Soul correction is the soul’s attempt to bring that public and not so high minded other self up to its own level.
According to my muscle test, a perfect soul correction never happened in history before. Some low mindedness always snuck in to spoil the deal… My favorite character, in this regard, is Moses, Moshe Avenu, who, at the end of his long and amazing life, could not resist begging the Creator to let him enter the Promised Land, even though their deal was: you won’t. Your job is to lead them there, and die.

If there were such a thing as gilgul ((reincarnation of the soul in Hebrew)) , reincarnation of the soul, I probably would be a reincarnation of Moses, given what my work is: leading a handful of you to the Promised Land, but being too old to enter myself with you. I find it very funny, lol. ((The Promised Land, in the Bible, which is written in code, is not a physical place, it is a spiritual term for a certain level of human evolution.))

OK, my personal stuff aside, back to how you choose partners, friends, spouses. Is there anything guiding it?
The Choice that is guided by your lower self
According to Landmark Education, your racket chooses your partner’s racket. Your racket, the sneaky little lower self complaining that “the world isn’t making it happy” part of you. ((You can get access to my racket video, just ask))

And that seems to be one choice… the choice that firmly keeps you stuck and anchored in your lower self.

Spouses… lovers… yeah… I’ll give you some examples a little later, but I want to distinguished the second choice:
The choice that is guided by the soul.
Growth happens only when you can see that you need to grow, because the opposite is ugly. Really… Ugly, unpleasant, distasteful, disgust are guiding feelings, pushing you higher on the scale of beingness, which we call soul

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Weeping looking back at the path — republished

I wrote this article in 2015. I am republishing it… because it is important to read now… given the next article I just wrote… It will make it easier to get.

Here I am this cool Saturday morning, weeping.

I observe. What is there? Pain, definitely. Sense of loss, yes. Sadness, no. Regret, no. Resentment, no.

I have had a hard life. The hardest part is the last 30 years. Maybe 33… Since I left Hungary.

In Hungary I had friends. I had people who would want me around, who would walk with me, who would vouch for me.

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