Let’s look at your life as a business, shall we?

One of the most impactful 10-week seminars I ever did with Landmark Education asked the participants to look at their lives as a business. Me, Inc.

At that point in my life I was better, much better at business than at life… and maybe, if you look closely, I still am.

I am going to ask you the same thing Landmark asked us: consider your life a business. If you are suddenly experiencing an oh oh moment, or an ugh moment, you are not alone.

Almost everyone I know is guilty of misusing their assets, wasting them, and not paying any attention at the bottom line… so this will be a useful article, if you can just get over yourself, and get curious… and into learning mode.

Ready? No? Then come back later…
‘Your business is kind of like sex. If you’re not enjoying it, you’re probably not doing it right.’ ~ Bill Maher

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Desire trap… or how desire takes you out of the present moment.

Desire and ITCH are largely the same state… neither can be fulfilled, neither allow you to be happy… ever.

I speak about this in quora.com
How do you get rid of a desire? You can only suppress a desire for so long. How can I search and destroy the root of the problem?
To begin: the question shows that you have a desire to be desire-less… as far as “bad for you” desires go… very funny.
There are no desires that are good for you.

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Take away the ITCH and what is left?

Some of my Playground students are starting to see that if they didn’t have the ITCH, they would react to life differently, they would be less upset, they would have a life, maybe, worth living.

So how does this work?

When you are in reality, things are as they are. A is A.

Ayn Rand was widely hated for this statement, but of course if you life like A should be B, then you would hate her, instead of looking to see: is A really A? What have I hijacked it with and what is the trigger?

The questions intelligent people would ask.

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Changing your emotional state… leading to emotional intelligence

Causing yourself or another to change their emotional state
I say all emotions are caused by some words, written, spoken, or thought… the little voice…

But changing the words requires a higher level of self awareness, and therefore this article will talk about an easier method, many speakers, course leaders, coaches use in their practices, as a shortcut to changing your emotional state.

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Emotional Intelligence: When you suppress half of reality, you need to suppress all of it…

I spent two hours on technical support this morning. My emails are not delivered… and that is a big problem in a business…

The lovely support person, Claire, was knowledgeable, but here anxiety was so strong, I got dizzy from it.

Even though I don’t know her from Adam, I took it on myself to coach her… I felt that she was anxious because it takes time to do what she does, and she had to make me wait here and there.

That stressed her out… I assured her that I have no problem waiting, that she was fine, that she was competent, and she didn’t need to hurry.
She calmed down, and I could breathe again.
Emotional Intelligence. I encouraged her to call me any time… after all I can’t expect someone to be able to do it for themselves… without any training.

This is an unfortunate nature of reality…

Here is another example. One of the participants in my programs shared that until I asked him to experience his distaste, he’d felt numb for two months.

This is a great catch. Even though I am an empath, I don’t always identify the beingness of a person accurately, astutely, because the feeling is alien or unknown to me. I don’t experience numb outside of a dentist’s office…

But truth be told, half of all people who ask for their vibrational reading, feel numb. They hold their breath lest they feel something they don’t want to feel.

Starting with Christianity that “blazed new vistas to misery by saying that even your thoughts are sins… culminating in “positive thinking” and “law of attraction” bullsh*t, humanity is now in a perpetual state of numbness, where even feeling a bad feeling, thinking a bad thought is considered BAD and need to be suppressed.

So, what do you do with something that is there but you don’t want to know about? You suppress it. Or you try to fix it. Or you try to overpower it with ‘positive’ emotions and ‘positive’ thoughts.
Result: reduced intellect, numbness, stupidity, deadness, illness, a meaningless life not worth living.
I remember suppressing my anger from an early age.

I was about three years old, and I had reason to be angry. But then my newborn sister died, and I put two and two together: I killed her and it was my anger that killed her. Children’s logic. Very powerful.

I used everything I could put my hands on to not feel.

At a certain point I took 10 Valiums a day. 5 mg each? You can kill a cow with that much Valium. I still could not sleep.

When I was in Israel I found a book that taught people how to release anger. It took me many years to allow it to be released, but I have released it.

When I am angry today, it is a fresh crop… not some old suppressed anger trying to find a release.

The reason it took so long, because anger is terrifying. It is like sitting on a volcano: once it erupts, you know you can’t control it. So I let a little bit out of the bag, so to say, and dealt with it.

And that is the way of releasing every bad feeling from its

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The chip on your shoulder — taking it off and keeping it off

As I am preparing to lead the Inner Authority Course, I see the need to dig deeper and deeper into the morass of human misery so that I can dig you out of there. I have tools, but I want more. And more. And more.

It is not about getting myself out of misery: I am already 70% “clear” of misery… and that is a blissful place, but it took me 34 years, so far, and I don’t know many people who are willing to work on themselves that long… I did it because I was soooo miserable.

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The emotions that you are a slave to are manipulated… Part two

This is part two of an article I started yesterday

I have a client whose soul correction is Fear/Fearless. She asked me how to get rid of that fear.

She is young, she is impressionable, and she acts fearful. She will have a lot of problems in life from that: it will keep her a child needing protection, someone else to look out for her.

Not what Life wants her to be.

Your soul correction is a particular way you lean away from Life, you turn away from Life: you don’t take responsibility and accountability for yourself and your life.

Life whats what Hillel the elder said some 2100 years ago:
If you are not for you, who is for you?
In this article we’ll examine what is ‘being for yourself’ means… be prepared to be surprised, my students were when they found out.

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Scientists are trying to keep you on the 15th floor of your being. Why? Because it is super easy to influence you on that level.

Once you distinguish something, you start seeing it everywhere… not only where you expect it, but really everywhere. This is done by something called the reticular activator or reticular activating system.

I teach distinctions, distinguishing, and my students are reluctant to learn and start seeing… Until you see it everywhere, everything is still about you… and no transformation can take place.

The new distinction I have learned from a set of books by Hungarian engineer, Gyozo Margóczi, is that all emotions are created by words, even though feelings are not… Feelings are a little pressure here, tightness there… no meaning. There is a feeling and then you add a word, and you get emotion. Depending on the word you add, the emotion changes.

Here is the map-of-feelings-translated-to-emotions2020 with the corresponding feelings…

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This year be your own Valentine

Energetically you show up in the world much like a person who wears several outfits, one on top of the other.

Why would you do that? Because you hope that one of those outfits will make you look good enough and help you make it in the world, also known as survival.
We live in the age of looking good and making it.
Each layer of clothing has a different vibration, an intent to make you look and feel different to different people.

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Why it is normal to be miserable: the itch you are trying to scratch

The consolation prize you get, instead of a rich and fulfilling life
We all have it… unnoticed, unidentified, undistinguished, sneaking past your conscious awareness, the strings that make you a puppet on a string, robbing you of your life, using it for its own purposes… laughing at you. I can hear the laugh.
The racket. The insidious, ubiquitous racket.
It is a machine… and it is powered by an unfulfilled and unfillable desire, I call The Itch… the itch that cannot be scratched.

The desire for attention, for significance, for winning every transaction, for love, for filling your gaping hole inside.

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