Responsibility: for what can you be responsible for?

Sophie, I loved your Lagrende coaching call. It was incredible. I still cant get over it how much lessons in there that were so amazing.

When you say the only thing we are responsible for is an attitude and action do you mean ours only? We can not be responsible for other peoples actions or attitudes. Right? So an example if my daughter does something that causes her to be upset and part of that was my involment then I am responsible for my part and she is responsible for her part? Its not about feeling bad or blaming ourself its seeing that youve done it and admitting it.

When it comes to communication if other party refuses to communicate then its not up to me. I just leave it be. Right? Communication can only happen between two people willing to talk and agree or disagree?

let me answer in an audio

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be great in little things

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Your theme in the coming weeks is the art of attending to details. But wait! I said “the art.” That means attending to details with panache, not with overly meticulous fussing. For inspiration, meditate on St. Francis Xavier’s advice, “Be great in little things.” And let’s take his thought a step further with a quote from author Richard Shivers: “Be great in little things, and you will be given opportunity to do big things.” Novelist Tom Robbins provides us with one more nuance: “When we accept small wonders, we qualify ourselves to imagine great wonders.”

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Panache Desai’s Soul Signature… Dissolving Density Programs and why they don’t work

it-talks-to-your-mindAny program that talks to your mind, the automatic thinking mind, is doomed to fail. But first it will titillate, soothe, much like a lullaby of a mother.

Why cannot they change you, and actually move you up where your soul wants to go?

Because you are stuck on low levels, young levels, and to unstuck you from there requires work… work that may not be pleasant, but unless it’s done, you are stuck forever.

The teachers you follow, the teachers whose products you buy, have one thing in common: they can sell ice to an Eskimo.

And you, who buys their product: you have one thing in common: you hope that life is going to be easy, and that by some miraculous way you can wish yourself out of the deep hole you live in.
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