The invisible and sinister undertow that pulls you under… the invisible dynamics of your life

Are you one of those who won’t do anything unless you are sure it will pay off? won’t do anything unless you are sure it’s the right thing?

Do you know The old phrase: ‘Give your little finger to other people and they take the whole hand.’?

Well, it is only true if and when the person in case wants your hand…

I have tested it with my cat. I gave her a little… and unless she liked it, ate it, I didn’t give her more… She didn’t want the little finger, she didn’t want the hand.

I also test students. I give them a little finger… and often they don’t see how that will be good for them, take them to where they have always wanted to go… and do like my cat… walk away from it.

And this happens with some regularity with some people in my classes. Unless they can see the ‘whole hand’, they don’t want the little finger either.

Two of my students in particular…

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What happens inside your body if and when your cell hydration is low?

Cell hydration is different from your overall hydration. The cells, unfortunately, are designed to allow only coherent water to enter the call walls.

Where can you get coherent water? And what is the difference between coherent water and not coherent water?

OK, tough question, because it all happens in the invisible. But…

Coherence, when it comes to water, is that it is at a compatible vibration with the cell.

Raw plant cell water is coherent. Raw animal cell water is also coherent. This is the reason raw diets increase a person’s health: it provides coherent water in the diet. Of course if the dieter only eats stuff that is more solid matter than water, i.e. food that has a low water content, they will not be much better off by eating ‘raw’.

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Trump post truth world pdf

We do live in a post-truth, post integrity world. Trump post truth world.

One sign of that is the number of authors who lend their name to writers who have no name of their own, sometimes deservedly so, other times the borrower could just work his way up: they can actually write, but prefer to piggyback on bestselling authors.

But most borrowers are talentless and poor writers. Boring, colorless, style-less… bad writers.

I first encountered this phenomenon with Neal Stephenson… His ‘Mongols’ had segments written by stub-par ‘writers’, but his The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O was ‘co-authored’ by a woman, who, I guess, paid Neal Stephenson for his name and popularity. Wretched lady-writer crap…

Very few women write well… OK… very few men write well either.

Most people can’t tell good writing from bad writing… they can’t see the difference. A bad woman writer can appeal to women… I must not be really a woman… lol.

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Is it a good idea to consider our times wartime and yourself the hunted?

Is it a good idea to consider our times wartime?

I am not sure… but my gut feeling says: Yes. I ask Source, and it says: Yes.

Why would it be a good idea to consider our times wartime?

Let me count the reasons…
1. In wartime people’s good side and people’s dark side come out to the open… past the forces that manage to keep them hidden in peace time.
So in war time it is easier to know who to trust and who not to.

It is also easier to see your own dark side and if you don’t like it do something about it.

If you are a putz… it is easier to say: being a putz will get me killed… let put my ass in gear…
2. If my feelers and Source are not off, there is a war has been planned and started against humanity as a whole.
OK, I know it sounds like conspiracy theory, but what if the conspiracy is true? What if it is happening? Wouldn’t it be better if you behaved like it is happening, and take care of business, take care of your mindset, take care of yourself?

After reading the 2011 marathon novel (7 volumes, Brett Battles) Sick, and another novel on the creation of a virus suitable to wipe out all non-protected persons on the planet (by Blake Banner Cobra book #2) I have come to ask Source several time if there could be any truth about what I read.

And every question was answered by yes, except one: the virus stays virulent and deadly no matter how many steps of transmission it goes through (as opposed to the test virus in Sick)

So my theory is that COVID 19 is and was a test virus: testing how fatal it is, and it was meant to be contained in Wuhan… but got out.
That is the hair in the soup… that now every country is doing a grand rehearsal for the final stage.
And the last thought that felt like proof to me was the fact that the presidential couple supposedly went through the illness, but showed no sign, no slowing down.

I have a student, a young healthy woman, who unfortunately contracted the disease, and went through first hell, and now, for weeks now, she is short of breath, and her lungs are filled with mucus.

So no, I don’t believe that the presidential couple had the virus… I think it was a move, to what end? I don’t care.

So what if this is all true?
Some people will survive the ‘real’ pandemic. It is up to them, not to circumstances.
The question is for you: are you willing to prepare for it now?

And even if nothing happens, are you willing to do what it takes to be a winner no matter what, and thrive?

Of course most of you will say no… and I am OK with that. You always get what is coming to you.
The more complacent you are the less chance you have.
3. Now, here is #3.

It is possible to live your life through a certain focus. One thing that if you focus on will make everything easier, and many things it will make unnecessary.

I have been pondering this question for myself. First I thought generosity would be a good focus. But then I saw that being encouraging would be an

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How to get your groove back?

When I look around I notice that you, people have lost their mojo. They look and sound like they have no energy. I did too until about a week ago… until I did what I needed to do to get my groove back.

I got aware that I was losing my mojo myself because I just wanted to sleep. And eat chocolate. And read thrillers.

One of my coaches has decided to publish a monthly book subscription. A physical book on mastery. Not on the kindle, not in pdf… no, a printed perfect bound book.

And although the topic interested me, and although I can afford it, I decided that I didn’t want it.

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Your hate keeps you stuck…

You are going to hate this article, and your hate keeps you stuck.

Why? because the truth hurts. And what hurts: you hate. Makes sense, right?

And instead of using it as fuel for yourself to go in the direction you want to go, you’ll use it to spill all your energies on it, you’ll say: she is lying, you’ll say whatever you’ll say, but you’ll fixate on it… instead of taking what I say, and use it to actually get where you want to get to.

How do I know? Because I have been observing thousands of people over the years, and that is what all of them does.

All of them?

I dare to say all…

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Use fear, use hate as fuel… they can take you to the moon

Use fear, use hate as fuel. This WILL Mean The Difference Between Success And Failure…

Gurus, teachers, everyone and their brother say: you have to get a big why to become successful at anything.

Relationships, slimming down, getting healthy, or raising your vibration, your IQ, your emotional intelligence… anything.
I dare to differ.
In my experience, 35 years in the trenches, watching, observing like a hawk, and going through it myself, I have come to the conclusion that your WHY is a flimsy thing…

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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa has 30 layers of paint… and so will my masterpiece

Masterpiece. None of those paint layers is thicker than a single hair.
Can you imagine the patience and concentration that required? I’m going to propose that you be inspired by his approach as you carry out your big projects in the coming year. I think you will have the potential to create at least one labor of love.
Says Rob Brezsny… He is talking to Libras, but he could be talking to me too… I have, according to Source, have applied already 27 layers of ‘paint’ in creating my masterpiece, developing the technology to turn homo sapiens into human being.

What a perfect fit, I thought… and then I noticed, that the guiding is for Libras… and I am a Virgo… WTF… lol
‘You can’t move mountains by whispering at them,’ says singer-songwriter Pink. Strictly speaking, you can’t move mountains by shouting at them, either. But in a metaphorical sense, Pink is exactly right. Mild-mannered, low-key requests are not likely to precipitate movement in obstacles that resemble solid rock. And that’s my oracle for you in the coming months, Virgo. As you carry out the project of relocating or crumbling a certain mountain, be robust and spirited—and, if necessary, very loud.
Wow, that is a perfect fit too…

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Are you looking for inspiration in the wrong places??

I woke up this morning pondering what to write about.

The cartoon of the inventor of the wheel who offers it to the knuckleheads who are too busy to listen.

And then one of my clients wrote to me. She said: customs make the Jews, not the Jews make the customs?

And then the idea for this article was ready.

The email conversation began with my client wishing me a happy Christmas Eve.

I answered that in Judaism the day starts with the sunset and the appearance of the first stars.

I wrote: Do you know that in Judaism the day of everything starts at the eve of it? birthdays too…
She answered: I knew that in the Torah, the days started with the eve. But, I didn’t know if Judaism was still doing that.
And birthdays… I hadn’t thought about that!
I think it odd that it didn’t end up being the norm how Judaism does it. But, at the same time, I’m so acclimated to thinking
each day to begin at sunrise…
Me: the old Hebrews didn’t have a clock, but the sunset was like a clock…
Her: I’m understanding it Israel keeps time as
Jews always have. And, as I understand it, Israel’s is a more accurate system.
I looked here: Jewish Time (
Me: I read the whole article. I bet it’s true that it was the customs that keep a Jew a Jew… not the other way around.
I grew up in a completely secular household… and had to learn who I am in my 30’s…
It’s a pity that almost all Jews want to marry into the world…
Her: So, the customs keep a Jew a Jew; and not so much a Jew actually keeping the customs?
Me: this is true for everyone: what makes you who you are is the things you repeatedly do… your habits.
Mostly it makes people worthless, because they have worthless habits.
Her: What a potent take on “How you do anything is how you do everything”! Of course, unlikely that I’ll make any changes – but maybe?

Then I measured her inspirability… and it was a puny 7 on a 1-100 scale… so I agree with her: it is highly unlikely that in this uninspirable state she’ll do anything different.

So why did I share this whole conversation?

Because I want you to be cognizant, aware, very aware who your actions shape your life.
And maybe even more importantly how the actions come from how you see the world.
99% of the people who visit this site are too busy to care really what would make their lives better, even though that is what they want. But they are busy being filled with idle curiosity, wanting, and searching.

For any change you need to stop everything, and look. Look at your life, look where it’s going. You need to also stop listening to the little voice in your head telling you to do something.

You need that quiet time to even know what you want. To even see that where you are heading is not that. To see that your actions are not in line with what you want, in fact, for most people, they keep you stuck.
The other day we had a workshop
The other day we had a workshop

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Can you increase your IQ, and if yes, how? Let me share how I did it.

What is the ultimate context difference between low and high vibration, low intelligence and high intelligence? Or asked differently: can you increase your IQ?

Instead of IQ tests, a single number, we should have, like I do, a detailed assessment system. It is more guiding about how one can increase their results in life.

I am looking at myself. I am playing Freecell. What do I do to win every game? I use foresight. I use holding more than one item in my brain. I use fuzzy viewing: no focus. I use astuteness: which is seeing AND recognizing, accurately what I see. I also recognize patterns, and I am flexible: each game has different patterns embedded.

Chess players don’t have a high IQ when they start out. Their IQ grows as they use and develop the same capacities I use in Freecell, just further.
I’ve raised my IQ 30 points with my Freecell practice. I teach you to increase your IQ too

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