Vibration, enlightenment, meditation, Buddhist monks. Forum Leaders… what do they all share?

I started the day with reading…Ā  Yesterday’s Growth course sucked all creativity out of me…

I stumbled onto an article about a funny English born Buddhist Monk… Funny? English? Monk? lol…

I like funny… so I went and looked up a video to hear funny.

Yeah, he is funny for a monk, but that is not what struck me most.

The dude, no disrespect meant by calling him a dude, is 69 yeas old, has a Wikipedia entry, is the abbot of some Western Australia Buddhist monastery, with meditation retreats, blah blah blah. The spiritual head of, the advisor or… more blah blah blah. Look it up if interested… I wasn’t.

I measured his vibration. 200. I listened to half of the long talk, about 50 minutes.

He did say profound things I practice, I live by, I somehow attempt to teach..

He says that the noise doesn’t disturb you, you disturb the noise. The [disturbing thing] doesn’t disturb you, you disturb it.

Smart, maybe even obvious, and yet, not even the abbot is living like that… At 200 vibration you can’t… not yet.

What is missing? Because to have that attitude, natively, automatically, you need to clean house… your inner house, of all the ways you have labeled everything and its opposite, wrong, good, bad, right.

And that is a long process, it is all verbal, you cannot do it in a wordless meditation.
Verbal, because all the wrongs exist only in language.
Outside of language nothing is ever wrong. Everything is just is. Mosquito bite, not being able to sleep, noise, assholish people… they just are… no label. Outside of language what you have you have, what you don’t doesn’t even occur, because the only place for it to occur is in language.

What you produce is what you produced, what you didn’t doesn’t exist, because the only place for it to exist is in language.


If you are agile enough to turn around and catch your shadow, i.e. to hear the voice saying something like ‘you didn’t do X’, then you’ll know what I am talking about. Because if you look around, what is is, what isn’t doesn’t exist…

Can you find ‘no love’ if you are looking? It isn’t there… unless you say so.
Can you find ‘not enough money’ if you are looking? It isn’t there… the amount of money is, but not the ‘not enough’.

Because homo sapiens live their lives entirely in the speaking, the job is to clear up that world, the speaking world… and then, only then, will you be able to have peace, joy, and then, only then will you know that if you are complaining, you are complaining about something that only bothers you if you are speaking.

It is not easy.

I have seven students in my Growth course. Five of the seven continued from the Playground. One is a newbie to this work of ‘transformation’. One has been around quite some time, but she wasn’t in the Playground…

This work of transformation? What does it mean?
Transformation is simply a flexibility in

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Uproot yourself so you can dance

We are working to uproot you from misery… and helping you to grow some legs.. so you can dance, move, joyfully.

One more thing to mention that unless you truly get this, nothing else will help, nothing else will matter:

The most important fact about reality is this: there is nothing that is missing in reality.

there is no ‘no’ in reality. So if you want to live in reality, then suddenly we won’t hear the word, inside and out, no, don’t, haven’t, shouldn’t, etc.

I have a young couple living downstairs in this two family house.

I always check if they are at home, and I always opinionate about how they live their lives, at least the part I can see.

So this evening I did what I always do, just after I sent an email to my faithful ‘flexibility capacity’ clients.

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Emotional detox?

Before you can go up, you need to go down! Just like in building a house. Because unless you clear off the “stuff” and then dig deep to know what’s under the top soil, your house will be warped and collapse in a hurry, often while you are building it.

For most of you this is really bad news, because you are hellbent on staying phony happy, phony loving, phony well… delusionally high self-esteem-ed, and you are unwilling to even look at what is real. But what’s real is real, and if you ignore it it will bite you in the a-s-s. No compassion, no looking, just continuing what isn’t working, and never will work is stupid… Here, I said it. Stupid.

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I can’t handle it

I can’t handle it

Yesterday in the growth workshop I decided to look at my relationship to money. I have been trying to crack this tough nut for many years: in every business I have had everyone said I was sitting on a big mountain of money… but not actualizing much of it. šŸ˜¦

So I set out to work on money… Asking: how come I don’t make as much money as I could… with what I have…

Of course I am the course leader, so I don’t have time to deal with my own sh-it, but now it is on the sheet… documented, and the table.

After the webinar I did some busy work, watched some old private eye show… went to bed, and fell asleep. I didn’t even want to do the healing work I was supposed to do… it seemed every fiber of my being wanted to not be conscious… sleep, blessed sleep.

At 2 am I woke up to feverish activity in the mind… it was so feverish and so insistent, I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got up, got dressed. I made a cup of tea, sat down, and pondered.

I could hear a faint voice in my head, no, in my body: I can’t handle it.
Anything you do, anything you feel, all behavior, all emotions come from some words. Hearing the words is the key to get the actions conscious, to get the behavior conscious.
The voice I heard, ‘I can’t handle it’ explains almost everything in my life.

When who you are ‘I can’t handle it’, the way you avoid having to handle it is to avoid doing it altogether. I have been avoiding writing ‘real’ sales letters,… the way you make real money. No sales letter = no real money, or just a little bit. Alms.

Why not just do it? It is hard, and it needs my weakest capacity… as a dyslexic person I have a wicked hard time to organize stuff, put them in order, have a sequence. And that, a sequence is the heart of a sales letter.

I have a hard time seeing what to say when… But hard time doesn’t mean I can’t…

I can, probably, although I haven’t even tried in years.
I have been avoiding the unpleasant feeling about myself, the feeling that I am somehow defective.
Here it is… the tears are starting.

Yeah… the unpleasantness from the world is much easier to handle than the unpleasantness of facing the inner tiger, the idea that somehow you are not perfect, that you are somehow defective.
This was an insight. Insights are a dime a dozen.
Now, having an insight is fine and dandy… but it will make no difference unless I create a breakthrough form it first, and a new habit next.

In the workshop everyone I said that embracing how you are is the key to being able to have the rest of life to be different. Whether it is in relationships or in results; it is immaterial: if you can embrace the imperfection then you can go beyond.
So embracing says that I should be the way I am… exactly the way I am…
…and start there… dyslexic, afraid of complexity, afraid of structuring pieces… Good. That is the way I am… and I should be that way, because that is how I am.
Now what

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Here is another spiritual law, the Law of Flexibility

This is from the book “The Life you were born to live” a book you can get for next to nothing…

As much as I struggle with reading so much English, perfect sentences, I recognize that I am probably the minority and people like reading stuff like that. I teach this law, I don’t call it law, and it is about five sentences when I teach it.

So maybe using other people’s words will make me a more effective teacher, and will be able to get through to you.

This law, the law of flexibility, is a combination of several distinctions:

you only have power when you are present.
you cannot be present if and when you resist anything
you can embrace that which wants to enslave you, and when you actually embrace it, you have all the power to take it anywhere (you can see it in marshal arts, or any fighting… by the way)
context is decisive. Create an empowering context and life will flow without any resistance.
happiness is accepting what is.

So, here you had my five sentences, and here are the many sentences of Dan Millman in the book “The life you were born to live”. Now you see why I don’t publish books… most books waste people’s life.

The Law of Flexibility

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Vibrational Review: Dr. Oz, Dr. Mercola and the flexibility minerals

Ā Vibrational Review: Dr. Oz and Dr. Mercola

I have never seen Dr. OzĀ  but I am leery of TV doctors: just remember Dr. Phil…

Dr. Oz personal vibration: 200. His recommendations average at 7% truth value, slightly on the side of death…

Dr. Mercola: personal vibration is also 200. His recommendations average at 10% truth value.

Why not higher?

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What do I do when I get the blues?

Getting the blues, periodically is totally normal… and it’s also no fun. Whether it’s the weather, whether it’s the pandemic, whether it’s loneliness, lack of direction, hopelessness, no movement… it’s immaterial. The blues are the blues… But instead of them lasting forever, you can take the upper hand… this is what this article is about.

What do I do when I get blue because I see parents taking care of their children, even though they are already adults? When I feel that I was never loved and never will be?

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Rob Yourself Wealthy

The secret of correct growth, for people, trees, a business, is the correct boundaries and restrictions, directing the energy into a restricted channel.

Correct growth requires energy, a lot of energy…

Without restriction or with incorrect boundaries the growth will be limited, or along the wrong lines.

But in today’s day and age restrictions, outside restrictions are harder to come by…

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Your godlike power awaits

I have been pondering, for many years, what influence has caused humanity to deviate and not develop according to the blueprint that is clear from the DNA tree.

Something must have happened…

In a child’s life it’s being introduced to something they are emotionally not prepared for, like molestation, or witnessing the death of a parent, and a slew of other ways adults can and do corrupt a child.

That child never really develops along healthy lines… their development into an adult will be, in some way, corrupted. Interestingly, their corrupted development will be almost certainly predictable by their soul correction. Why? I have no clue.

The other day I was watching a youtube video….

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Everything you do says one of three things about you

OK… I know the picture is misleading… this article is not about food… Honest!

I know, I know, the title of this article is terrifying. we are all afraid to be found out, or to find out that what we are doing, how we live is somehow wrong, wrong, wrong.

Or alternatively we arrogantly think that we can do no wrong, that we are always right, and the whole world should come and adore us…

Both are very low vibration… The reality is that nothing is wrong in reality… and yet.

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