What makes Keanu Reeves special and why you would want to learn a thing or two from him_

OK, I am in the middle of writing an article, but this hit my inbox and enough of you have been asking for some advice on what to practice… so here it is: observe Keanu Reeves, and learn to be like him…

Can you? The answer is: probably not… but… by learning and internalizing what he is doing as humility, etc, you’ll have more of reality and more ways to be than you are being now.

Don’t be mistaken: humanity is arrogant. Haughty. Self-centered. Self-aggrandizing. The opposite of what Keanu Reeves is, and the opposite of what would make you life a life worth living.

Now, if you have been smart and own my Big Bundle energy: if you study Keanu Reeves, or even just read this article while you have the energy bundle on your ears, your consciousness will hear it, and hear it as instruction or request: you requesting to be like him… and consciousness will help you.

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This article is all quotes… good stuff. Enjoy

Here is a Landmark distinction in a TED talk… delivered in layman’s terms. Just listen to the explosive applause in the end… It is a missing piece for most of us. ((The distinction or principle in Landmark Education terms: “What gives your being in the present is the future you live into.” The future you live into. That future is either designed, or default. When it’s default: it is always the past… the bad past. The one you don’t want to repeat… but you unwittingly do. It is what you are afraid that will happen.

I am afraid that if I stand out I’ll get killed. really. And in spite of everything, I, somehow, make it happen in small ways, even though I barely stand out.

But to do something that would really make me stand out: I am reluctant to do.))

This is an email from Tai Lopez:
Get out of your comfort zone.


I see so many people stuck in their ways. A slave to their own routines.

They’re in their own heads.

If you want to be successful you have to take an outside perspective on your life. Take some time to analyze your daily routines. A lot of our routines and habits don’t serve us anymore. They probably did at one point, but they need to be updated.

I see people that are struggling to get in-shape or struggling to make money. When I ask them “did you workout today?” or “did you read a book today?” the response is always the same: “I don’t have time.”

One of my first mentors Joel Salatin would always tell me, when someone says they don’t have time, always add “for that” at the end. They don’t have time FOR THAT. People always make time for the things they really want. If someone wants to watch their favorite show they make time for it, but when it comes to something that can improve your life, they always say they don’t have time. In reality they don’t have the vision to see that a little pain today will establish a routine that will massively change your life tomorrow.

Life is too short for excuses. There are two types of people in this world, those who get things done and those who have 100 amazing excuses why they couldn’t do it.

So what do you want? Do you want more money in your account? Another source of passive income? A new physique. Whatever it is you want, make time for it. Time is the most valuable thing we have. Don’t waste it.

Another MASSIVE key is to put yourself out there. Reading books and watching videos are a great way to learn, but if that’s all you do you’re not going to get ahead my friend. Trust me.

Don’t get me wrong, I started by reading a TON of books and buying every course I could get my hands on (and afford), but I didn’t stop there. It’s important to meet mentors in-person when you can. Obviously, we can’t have a ton of in-person mentors because it’s expensive, but make it a point to go to some events and have some in-person mentors. Don’t just rely on books and videos.

Some of the greatest gems I ever le

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“You can only kick with one foot at a time, Otherwise you fall on your arse.”

“You can only kick with one foot at a time, Otherwise you fall on your arse.”
You can only pick one thing that you want out of life, and if you pick the wrong thing, you’ll never be successful.
…Joel Salatin said, “the worst thing in life is to get older and realize you got good at the wrong thing.”
You would think that the title is about multi-tasking. But it isn’t. It is a life that is un-integrated.

So what is an integrated life?
A life is like a symphonic orchestra.
Most people’s life sounds like the tuning the instruments phase of the orchestra: cacophony. Bad noise.

Only when the conductor shows up, raps his baton against the music sheets, silence, and music starts. All instruments read the same music sheets, all keep their eyes on the conductor… Integration happens.

An integrated life.

Yeah-yeah Sophie, but what is the music sheet? What should you organize your life around so you can live the integrated and therefore enjoyable life?

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4 types of animals… which one sleeps like you should

A sleep doctor says 4 types of animals represent how people sleep — and these are the ideal daily routines for each
When it comes to health and productivity, it’s not just about what you do — eating right, exercising, and working hard — it’s also about when you do it.

Chronobiology is the study of internal clocks, how they differ among people, and how you can adjust your daily schedule to suit your unique biological rhythm. Each person’s rhythm, or chronotype, is different.

According to psychologist and sleep specialist Dr. Michael Breus, there are four chronotypes, which he labels dolphins, lions, bears, and wolves. Roughly half the population is made up of bears; the rest is split among dolphins, lions, and wolves.

Breus’ website includes a diagnostic quiz readers can take to try to identify their chronotype.

In Breus’ book “The Power of When,” he outlines the ideal daily routine for each chronotype. Below, you’ll find the highlights of those schedules.

Keep in mind that it’s virtually impossible to have a perfect day every day, so make the changes you realistically can.

reprinted from Business Insider

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Getting things done… fast (12-week Mastery review)

In this article I will share with you a period of my life when things happened with a lightening fast speed, and I made those things happen.

It was 1988, and around February I got fired. It was my fault… I forgot that I was supposed to lie to cover for my employer… and I let the truth slip. So I got fired.

Then I got really depressed. I got thrown out of a program I loved and was really good at in Landmark…

I had no income, no hopes for income, and I was depressed.

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authenticityI am a foreigner. I learned the English words, one by one, but I started to learn the being associated, the being meant by some words when I was 38 and started the work of transformation.

The first being word I looked into was generosity. I was still a beginner at distinguishing.

Distinguishing is the art of precision, what it is and what it isn’t. What it isn’t distinguishes something a lot better than trying to explain what it is. Interesting, isn’t it?

I had to learn the hard way what generosity isn’t, how “generosity” can and does make enemies of friends, destroys you in the process, while it builds your ego to sky high.

The second being word was authenticity. Not much can be found anywhere about that being, because it is near extinct, because authenticity flies in the face of what society wants of you: society wants you to suppress who you really are, and pretend to be part of the group… to want what “they” want, not what you want.


Stuff I want you to see: The Guru Myth, Its Destructive Power and A Cure.

Sophie’s notes: I do not necessarily agree with a lot what’s written in this article, yet it’s a good piece of writing, and I want you to read it.

I will add some notes when I have time… And some vibrational measurements of the people he mentions… Patience, it’s coming.

The Guru Myth, Its Destructive Power and A Cure. {Now w/Videos!}

Julian Walker

Via ((Julian Walker, the writer of this article: personal vibration: 190; truth value of his whole teachings: 190; truth value of this article: 200)) on Feb 28, 2012

The Word and The Myth.

The word “guru” has taken on a life of its own in Western pop culture. The media and advertising talk about “stock gurus,” “marketing gurus,” sports gurus” and on and on – the characterization being someone who has a particular insight into their chosen field and is trusted by others as being able to solve certain problems or provide a highly effective strategy on how to be successful.

We know of course that the word originates in India and simply means “teacher.” In India one’s schoolteacher, dance instructor, parent – really anyone in an authoritative or instructive role might be considered your guru in their particular domain.

But when the word is used in a spiritual context it has a very specific meaning and is located within a very particular Hindu belief system. A guru in this sense is a cut above ordinary human beings. What distinguishes the guru from us mere mortals is that they are “enlightened” or “self-realized.”

Basically the claim is that there are certain very special people who have crossed a very specific threshold in their spiritual awareness – and they know the ultimate truth about the nature of reality.

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