The best way to predict the future is to create it

I have written extensively about the fact that you want someone else to wipe your ass…

OK, not literally, not factually, but in essence.

One of the areas where this is completely clear is the number of people who want to be entrepreneurs, they want to own and run a business, but the above attitude is in their way.

It is a whole different thing to take a job, even to freelance, even to be self-employed, and creating and running a business.

I have two brothers. Both shied away from that option: they preferred a situation where someone else buys the chair, the computer, the software, the solutions, the bookkeeping, the location, the everything… and they just do the work, however many hours a day, and get paid.

It drives me bonkers to hear the expression, so and so business owner did this and that, to give back to the community.

Give back what?

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Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Teddy Roosevelt said that, and not many people listened. Even less are listening now.

Let’s see why?

Do what you can. Yeah, what CAN you do?

Most people I know never took the time to develop any skills. They are amateurs in every area of life, in everything they do.

They skim things. They dabble in things. They have no skills, no mastery, no superpower.

Why? Because it is not exciting. It is not something you would post on social media. It is too fundamental.

Picasso, before he became Picasso, learned to draw and paint realistically. Well. Then he began his journey to break up things.

No one does anything well nowadays… or a very few only.

People, you, want exciting, extreme, fancy.

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Everything and its opposite is true or a lie… oh my!

It’s hard to make sense of things… because everything seems to be true, and then the opposite seems to be true too.

This is especially true nowadays, in the year of Covid whatever it is, and the election year. Global warming, and rapidly approaching uncertainty about the economy, about the future, about our ability to make a living.

Is this a conspiracy to enslave humanity? Is this an accident? Is the virus manufactured and released? Are the face masks do anything worth doing? Should we worry, or should we look for the silver lining, and use the time as a way to become our best self?

If you were prepared like very few have been, this Covid thing can be, could be an opportunity… but very few ever does anything that prepares them for an opportunity.

And even the ones that could use these new circumstances as a springboard to go higher, don’t.

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Why you feel lost when you feel lost… here is how to find yourself…

What does it mean feeling lost?

When you don’t feel at home in your body, when your feelings, your thoughts pull you out of yourself, you have a sense that you are, somehow, lost in the shuffle. That you don’t have any say in the matter of your life, what you feel, what you do, what you say…

You feel you are put on a roller coaster, and it wasn’t you who put you there…

How did it happen and what can you do about it? How can you find your way back home, to your own self? this is what this article is about.

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Collaging to activate Spiritual Capacities

Life works in mysterious ways…

The Law of Process is one of the most important laws of nature, of Life… and one of the laws the least number of people know about, or honor.

People are duped to believe that things just happen… and there is no process behind them happening.

Advertising, testimonials, articles, books, talk about the results, and talk about the path to them in a sketchy way… if at all.

So it is no surprise that any and all my students and clients expect instant results, instant enlightenment, instant happiness, blah blah blah when they deal with me. After all I wield energies… right?

Even people who have gone through a process to be as successful, or as unsuccessful as they are, cannot see the process. Not even in hindsight.

I remember when I first began teaching and found out that I cannot teach what I know because

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Are you stuck? What IS stuck?

What is stuck? Here are 15 ways of being stuck…

1. stuck is when you can only see one way forward and you don’t like what you see
2. stuck is when you have too many options and you are paralyzed by choice
3. stuck is when you know what you want to do but can’t get started
4. stuck is when you don’t know what to do and don’t know where to begin
5. stuck is when you know things aren’t working and can’t step back to see why
6. stuck is when you are doing something but not what really needs to be done
7. stuck is when you know what needs to be done but you lose your nerve
8. stuck is when you make a start but get lost along the way
9. stuck is when you are waiting to be rescued and your superhero isn’t going to show up

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I Can’t Be Happy Unless… How to get out of your own way?

Here is another example  for the unless (or-ness)… the distinction I’ve been trying to teach you, so far quite unsuccessfully. Why? Because it is really simple, but is really hard… and I am not quite able to express myself clearly yet… I am getting there, I promise.
Here is the article from 2011.

I caught myself, red handed, up to my chin in misery, wallowing… yuck.

I had been depressed for two straight days. It wasn’t someone else’s feeling, it was mine. It sucked. I mean, literally, it sucked me dry, took away my aliveness…

Yesterday I regretted that last week when I had a chance to get off the planet I didn’t go. Today I started to contemplate jumping off from some high place…

At five I was repeating in my head: right behind this darkness is the light, waiting for me to call the bluff… “What bluff? My life is over, no one wants what I have to offer, and therefore my life is wasted.” Said my mind, and it all sounded noble.

Noble and miserable. I felt personally offended. Hm. This is familiar! I used to chuckle at that phrase… Just can’t remember what was so funny about it!

Hey, there is another sentence right behind it:
I can’t be happy unless… Unless I can have it all, unless, unless unless….
This will be the next activator, good catch. I can feel the misery starting to lift. It’s time to drive this baby home! I am starting to feel clearer, maybe even excited!

“But what was I up to? Why did I start all this journey in the first place?” I ask.

“Oh, to find a way to effectively alter people’s thinking so they can get out of their misery and start making money, stop procrastinating, having fun…” I answer my own question.

Oh, that? That’s what I have been up to? I have accomplished that months ago! so what’s the problem?
Hah, I got sucked into being the Messiah, I think! I don’t even believe in a Messiah!
Let me get back to the original goal and start mining it.

World Transformation is not a good goal if it makes me miserable. Maybe the people feel that I self-selected for this Messianic role… and they don’t like it.

“Hey, that makes us two! I don’t like it either!”

“We are at the end of the summer, and I haven’t done anything summer-y!”

“It is not too late.” I’ll start with looking out of the window of my tree-house-like an apartment. Beautiful. The birds love to share it. The sky is blue behind the leaves. The church bells say 6 o’clock.

I am going to enjoy life as long as it lasts.
Play with the people who want to play with me.
The more the merrier.

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What can you learn and take away from longevity studies no matter what age you are?

Ever since I discovered that I can measure numbers about health, the health of different organs, and even biological age, I have been interested in listening to anti-aging, longevity “experts”.

I admit, my grasp, my understanding is sketchy at best, and yet some of the health measurement numbers and my knowledge about the person they belong to start making more sense, than not.

So I am going to share with you, here, some of the valid insights I have gained. I say valid because I muscle test and Source says “true” “not true” “truth value”

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Even cowards can endure hardship; only the brave can endure suspense… yet another principle

‘Even cowards can endure hardship; only the brave can endure suspense.’ (Mignon McLaughlin)

99% of what is (reality) is invisible for the uninitiated. Unrecognizable. Puzzling. Mystical, Miraculous. Unexplained.

My programs, in part, are initiating programs: initiating you into these invisible yet very real mysteries. For example the 53 invisibles

Enabling you to see and recognize the dynamics below the visible layer of people, behaviors, societies.

And on yourself.

People are really mysteries for themselves… and even after initiation, they want to keep those inner dynamics a mystery, because, between you and me, those invisibles are not pretty. And they run counter to people’s precious ‘I’, the way they fancy themselves to be.
The bigger the gap between your real I and your precious I, the more you want to hide it.
Every person has a gap between those two I’s. But most people find out that their I is normal, while others find out that their I is outright evil, nasty, monstrous, gobbling up everything and everyone around them.

Now that we got to the last step of ‘ascension’ in the Playground, the proverbial sh*t hit the fan. (Ascension is simply rising above… above ‘desire to receive for the self alone’ to ‘desire to receive for the sake of sharing’… from homo sapiens to human being)
It is the getting through the eye of the needle phase. Some will, most won’t.
How is it in the New Testament? I am quoting a translation: Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

In the Old Testament there are also references to the eye of the needle, one very similar to the ‘mustard seed’ aphorism of ‘Jesus’

The Holy One said, open for me a door as big as a needle’s eye and I will open for you a door through which may enter tents and [camels?].

The issue of a ‘rich’ man is the precious ‘I’ they protect.
The issue with my students is also the precious ‘I’. That they are special. That they ‘deserve’, that they are due more than others.
That they can get/demand what they want without working for it. Blah blah blah.

So at this special ‘last step to enlightenment’ or ‘ascension’, I had to let four people go, and I let them also go from the Playground. Surprisingly these are the same people who are resistant to transform their childhood into a happy one… (Playground: it is never too late to have a happy childhood)

I’ve let go of the income they provide me with too…

So I had to ponder about it a little bit…

Enter another invisible… drumroll.
When you let go of something comfortable but not really good, you make room for the better.
I have been reading this principle for decades, but this was the first time I actually saw what that may mean to me.

I never said that I am smart… It takes me decades to get things that are obvious for many others… 😦 lol.

It is, interestingly, the eye of the needle and the camel

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