What is co-creation? 1% inspiration, 99% perpiration

What is co-creation? Obviously you don’t know, because…

It is the lack of co-creation that causes you to not produce results while others do create amazing things, with the same exact product. So don’t you think it is time you learn what is co-creation and how to co-create?

And alternatively, what is the difference between those dudes and dudettes that produce results, and you. You look the same… and yet, somehow you are not the same.

1. I’ll tell you in the end… because if I told you now, you’d nod and stop really reading… that is how you behave with everything: the moment you think you understand, you are done.

But understanding IS the booby prize…

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You are out of step with yourself. You are split. You are schizophrenic.

I wrote this article five years ago, but it is as fresh as if I wrote it today. And, of course… I updated it.

On today’s Talk-to-me call I had an insight: I saw something I had never seen:

You are out of step with yourself.

The you that interfaces with the world, does stuff, makes mistakes, overeats, gets angry is either ahead of or behind the you that you really are. The you that tries to look good, keep up with the appearances is always trying to fix the you that you really are.

No acceptance, no tolerance, no compassion, no love, no music, no harmony, no dance, no peace.

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True or False

Occasionally people from other ‘disciplines’ email me and ask me to muscle test with Source if what they are taught there, what they believe or want to believe is true or false.

I could get billions of emails like that, because all belief systems, especially religion, have beliefs that are not true.

If you are someone who love your beliefs, stop reading… If your beliefs sustain you in life, stop reading.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off… And if you loved your beliefs, then you’ll hate the truth… about life, about the universe, about everything.

So here is the questions/statements… with my answers gotten from Source through muscle testing.

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What is inspiration? A movie to inspire you to go beyond

Inspiration… inspired… inspirable…

What do these words mean?
The spirit within: inside-spirit
I measure how much the spirit is active within you… and how much, on the current vibrational level, the current integrity level, the current about-me level, the spirit can be aroused.

You cannot be more inspiring that you can be inspired.

The number one communication tool you have available, creating a vision in another person, about themselves, about a project, about the future.

When you can create a vision and communicate it to yourself or to another, all upsets disappear, and you have the amazing result: the person (you?) wants to do what is consistent with that vision… which is what you would want them to do.

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Do you confuse needs and wants? Find yourself especially needy around the holidays?

Once you conquer a “boulder”, a challenging character flaw, a new one takes its place. But what is in common in all the flaws is the seed level.

What is the seed level of all the stuff that can make you miserable? Sorry, all the stuff that makes you miserable?

So far I have found two that every person has:

1. As far as I can see it, it is a mindset nearly all humans share: that life, things should be different. That what they think should be is what should be.

They place themselves above reality, above nature, above physics, above maybe even above their gods.
That because you want it, it should be so.

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Communication: Access to Power… Create with your WORD

We had our last What’s Missing workshop for the season yesterday.

What a learning experience it was! Again.

I found out that unbeknownst to me I was still hesitant to believe that I am going to live, that I am not on borrowed time, that if I save money, I’ll have a chance to use it.

This, under the conscious awareness issue has been running my life for 72 years… I have never been able to save any real money… and now I see why. It is time to begin to manage this… so I can actually buy a car, now that I can drive again.

Teaching? Are you sure you taught?

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Why and how the hit-bottom method works? And how you can alter the future with it…

In numerology, each number has a special meaning… and even the components of your final destiny number…

My main number is 7, my secondary number is 4.

I like 4. Four symbolizes a chimney: there is only one way to go: up.

Most numbers have sideways moves… and that is what most people do to avoid growing. To avoid what it takes, work, pain, telling the truth… avoiding these at all cost… even if the cost is everything and anything they ever wanted…

So as a coach, I have to take them to a magical turning point: I need to force them to hit bottom. If they let me… 😦

I had two workshops yesterday… And in the second, two of my participants volunteered to declare that they hit bottom.


What was the magical ingredient? They got confronted with their numbers… What numbers? I’ll get to it… patience…

Any numbers that show how you are doing will be good.

I can measure a whole slew of numbers, by connecting to you, to Source, and muscle test while I am connected.

I can measure numbers about your health… any organ, any process, no problem.

I can measure your emotional state… in numbers.

I can measure if what you are saying is true, false, and whether you can tell the difference.

So in yesterday’s Playground session, I asked the participants to put something at stake… get conscious about why they are in the course, so they can start to consciously generate their participation… instead of hoping that what they do will produce the result they hope to get.

The majority of people live in hope, especially because they have no idea what to measure, how to measure it, and therefore they are not able to grow anything… whatever you cannot measure, you cannot improve it Lord Kelvin said that. Who was Lord Kelvin? Google it… he was a famous physicist.

So yesterday I got a dose of that: I muscle tested for people in the course what is the potential value they can get based on their participation… thus far.

The range of potential values went from one million dollars down to 60 thousand dollars. Same course, different level of participation.

The $60K people (two) got suddenly waken up to the fact that what they have been doing, how they have been being wasn’t working… And one of them declared hitting bottom, and a student with a $100K value also did.

What happens when you declare hitting bottom? You start a whole new life, that is what happens. You abandon the old way, and make room for a new way.

Now, there is a tricky part: if your word has no power, if your integrity is too low, your declaration is an expression of a wish… No true breaking with the past.
Why and how the hit-bottom method works?

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How Cancer Thinks Like A Human

If you want to understand cancer…

If you want to understand cancer watch yourself and people you know. You will understand more about the condition than through any other “information” source.

If you think you should only watch other people, it only means you are worse than others…

What is the similarity between cancer and humans?

Cancer is not part of an organization, it doesn’t even know about the organization. It knows only about itself. Cancer doesn’t care about the big picture. Cancer is driven exclusively by its mind, which tells him that he is to reproduce itself exactly the same way as its parents: all new members of the “family” need to be exactly the same, no individuality, no variations, not deviation. The new ones need to have faith, be Jewish, Christina, Hindu, Mohammedan, or whatever the “parents” were, no alterations.

The new cells are trained that it’s a competition out there, and their loyalties need to lie with the family, right or wrong, loyalties are your number one concern. The survival of the “family.”

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Stop Wanting and Start Having…

Everyone wants stuff, it seems we live in the age of wanting. Strong wanting. Desperate wanting. All consuming wanting. ((The entire paradigm of manifesting and law of attraction paradigm uses it to make money for the “teachers”, experts, writers, youtube broadcasters.


Billionaire Charlie Munger says: Everybody wants the good life but not everybody gets the good life. β€œTo get what you want, you have to deserve (earn!) what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.”

And deserving is being at the right place at the right time with the right attitude, doing the things that earns the stuff you want. Health, wealth, love, and happiness.
Earning it.
If I asked you what you do to earn what you want, you would say “nothing,” or you would say “I do this and that.”

…and when I ask you: how much of this and that do you do, timewise? we would find out that mostly you just think about it. Fantasize about it.

I remember as a child I fantasized a lot about how I was going to spend the million bucks I win on the lottery. My brother is not a child (he is 65) but he still does exactly that…

For years I supported him and his family, financially, and he never appreciated it. Why? Not because he is a bad person, and he may be a bad person… My contribution paled in comparison to the millions he fantasized about.

He wanted millions, and he was unhappy with my meager contribution to him… like 90% of humanity. 90% in the same trap. The technical term for that wanting is “the desire trap”.
We live in an age of wanting, we live in the age of the Desire Trap.
You don’t even know what you would have to do, how much and with what attitude to actually earn what you want. Your wanting is just that… a gnawing dissatisfaction, with zero foundation in reality.

Life can be lived on two distinct planes (paradigms), the horizontal plane and the vertical plane.

Wanting keeps you squarely on the horizontal plane, the Valley of The Shadow of Death… every day you get one day closer to death, you are in a hurry, to avoid death, to avoid pain, to avoid discomfort, to avoid getting older.
You even do spirituality on the horizontal plane. You act how you think spirituality is… or should be.
Here is an email showing what I mean:
I see Orbs with me all the time, my outdoor cameras capture amazing Light Beings, since April I am able to feel the vibration from crystals and before that I feel vibrations from trees, especially if they are really old. At times I can feel their emotions. Wild cats come to me especially when I am sad or vibrating high.
Or your health:
I am very healthy and do not contract cold/flu. I’ve been sick once in the last few years. My skin is glowing. My hair lustrous. My skin on my body very soft to the touch. I am 42 but look much younger. I’m lean and fit. My body does not look it’s age or even close to my age

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Clarity… the opposite of brain fog

The opposite of clarity is best expressed with this statement: “for you: everything is the same as everything else, except that not always…” This is the condition of the current humanity.
Here is another type of brain fog: the too much information type.

The brain can be overwhelmed too… and pulled under.

This is, actually, the state most people are in. Drowning in stuff, that is neither useful, nor needed, nor fun.

One can compare it to a frat party every day. You are encouraged to drink to your fill, then maybe, hopefully vomit and do it again.

Black out, rape someone and don’t even remember, lie, cheat, follow the leader.

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