Chances are: you don’t know who you are, and you don’t know what would really please you

We are all entrepreneurs, potentially.

The principle is: an entrepreneur is someone who remakes the world in the image of themselves.

There are a few problems we’ll have with this principle:

The main problem is that we have no idea who we are, how we are, what we really like, what are our strengths, what are our weaknesses.

We keep ourselves so busy with irrelevant stuff, that we never have a chance to see how we are when things are relevant.

Back in 1988, I started a magazine. I was one person. Sold ads, designed the ads, wrote the articles, distributed the magazines to stores that gave them away for free.

I made enough money the first month to live on, and did that for quite a few months… but…

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Change your perspective… asking questions that upset your status quo

In the 67 steps there is a method to make decisions using a calculator. ((Step 15 in the 67 steps))

Nine out of ten students skip it, the one that does it does it shabbily. Students won’t do it or won’t do it right even after I send them back to do it.
Why? Because the method uses questions that you don’t want to ask. Why? Because they upset the apple cart.
I read a book, years ago, by a therapist, for people who can’t make a decision to leave or to leave… ((Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Decide Whether to Stay In or Get Out of Your Relationship by Mira Kirshenbaum)) The one question that no one asked before was: when it was the best: was it really good?

I was in a relationship when I first read that book, so I asked the question and looked. And then looked at every relationship I had ever had. I found that even when it was the best, it wasn’t really good… for me. As hard as it was to accept that, I decided that I am not going to live on crumbs any more… I am happiest alone, married to my life-purpose… I left and I have been a lot happier ever since.
A new question is a change in perspective…

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I did the energetic brain cleansing webinar I promised yesterday

I found, during the call, that I still have a non-functioning segment in my brain, that is cold… dead? Muscle test says it’s a part of the brain I could coax back to work, if I put the work into it.

That is me. I do what I need to do to grow, every day. And some days I grow, others I don’t… but I DO WHAT I NEED TO DO TO GROW!

What do YOU do?
15 bucks to get your starting point measurements ((1. vibration
2. overall intelligence
3. # of spiritual capacities
4. your soul correction
5. attachments?
6. level of health
7. level of cell hydration
8. takes feedback?
9. TLB score
10. size of your vocabulary
11. humility
12. % of fixed mindset
11. personal recommendation)) .

You now know where you are, how your brain works, to what degree you are barking up the wrong tree, to what degree what you see is not what is there. You may also know the causes: your hydration is off, your diet is off, your attitude is off.

So you decide to do something about it… but… no change… or temporary change only.

Why wouldn’t it work for you? It worked for me! It works for others!

This is what I’d like to talk about in this post. I even had some insight this morning. Maybe because I had the brain cleansing? I would not be surprised…
Please don’t discount brain health.
Everyone jabbers about mind-health, but unless your brain is healthy, unless it is a high performance machine, you are not going to be able to see, identify correctly, and correct.

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Principle: Make your plane to land on the landing strip, regardless of the weather

I have been “harping” on this with my students: hear the principle first, and then hear the rest…

If I asked you (Cinderella) to separate the wheat from the chaff… what would you do first? If you are like me, you first find out what is the difference… in looks, in weight, and then start separating them accordingly.

I even used to use this capacity (oh, forgot to say, it’s a capacity!) to hire or not hire someone to work with me. I would ask someone to separate a pile of things by their category…
For you everything is the same as everything else
Universally missing capacity… I found out.  The underlying capacity can be said with these words: be able to tell the forest for the trees.

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A distinction redraws your map or reality

A distinction is a new way of looking at the world. Really new.

It is also like a framework, like a whole punched into a solid wall… when you look through that hole, what you see is unfamiliar.

You can look at the world and suddenly that distinction starts to show up everywhere.

I was talking about the fixed mindset just now, in the article just published, and suddenly, all these pictures are telling the same story, wholly or partially… something I would never would have guessed without actually looking through the distinction: the hole punched in the wall.

here you go:

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If your life isn’t working as well as you think it should…

Thinking that your social status, your finances are a reflection of your value is a myth that can render you, your status, your finances low, if you are not born privileged.

I just read an article about the myth of meritocracy and how it hurts kids of color, in The Atlantic, and I found an answer to my question: why my Black students don’t do as well in life as one would expect of them, based on their abilities. Or women. Or other minorities… Or just regular people brought up mainly by women. ((I mean it… and I don’t care if you hate me for it. Women are responsible for 50% of the ills of the world, while men are only responsible for 20% of the ills… I know it looks to you different, but you don’t see… your map of reality is way off))

This post will get at this issue from different vantage points, so hold onto your hat… or you’ll lose it.

You may remember the principle that made T. Harv Eker a millionaire?
If things are not going well, it is a sign that something you don’t know.
Now, what he doesn’t say is that the thing that you don’t see is profound. It is a principle. Or a distinction. Something big.

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Can you be well, can you get well if you don’t know if something is true or not?

This article has long been in the making.

It’s about our inability to tell what is the cause of something. Or even if there is a causal relationship between two things…

Between tithing and a sudden windfall… between lying and breaking your leg… between eating peanuts and feeling better/worse… Is there a cause and effect relationship there? If you pray: do people get better? If you spend time on a reiki person’s table… do you feel better because someone paid attention to you, or was there even energy there? Questions, questions and no answers.

If it were just you and other consumers of information who don’t know the answers, that would be fine with me, but with the proliferation of the internet, and with everyone and their brother writing, publishing, opinionating, sounding off, repeating things and their opposite, our sense of who to trust, what to believe is at an all-time low.

It used to be that we trusted doctors, and we died feeling that the doctor did their best… and their best was not a match to the task.

And we were right. We did the best we knew to do.

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Why are you promoting other teachers on your blog? And if you are promoting them, why do you tell people how fake they are?

Answer: lol… very funny.

First off: I do not promote other teachers. Promoting would mean that I get something out of the deal, money, or them promoting me back.

In fact, I would only promote a program if I tried it and if it worked for me.

Full disclosure: I made a whopping 178 bucks from putting the link in the article for the Paradigm Jumping product by Burt Goldman. In my opinion it is a great way to get out of your own way… when you notice that you are your worst enemy, which is often.

So then why do I write about these people? I consider it public service. I get an email asking me, or a search looking for that person on my site, and I get curious. I check them out myself, and find out what they are about, etc.

I already have the “data” so it takes me only another minute or two to publish it.

According to feedback, people have a hard time to tell if someone is a fake or not, if someone has high vibration or not, so I am willing and able to help. I can tune into them, read their faces, and muscle test for the truth. It’s easy for me.

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What is your soul correction? What is your soul’s purpose?

Sour correction is a distinction from Kabbalah.

Is it the truth? No, it isn’t… but it is a good guidance. Why? Because it points to the main weaknesses, delusions, distortions, mistakes you have that correcting them will take you high… very high, on the vibrational scale.

Is it easy? No, it is wicked hard.

Is it worth it? Hell yeah.

FREE PDF! Find out what is YOUR soul’s purpose … ($47 Value)

Alternatively, $15 and the year/month/day of your birth will get you an email from me with your soul correction. You can send more if you feel compelled. It will make you feel good, and start you on raising your vibration and maybe even your soul correction. But if you are a professional giver: just the opposite. No kidding. Thank you.

Read some of the articles on Soul Correction. The actions of soul correction reliably raise your vibration: you earn your vibration!”

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What does it mean to raise the vibration?

Vibration is an abstract number signifying the relationship between you and truth, between you and your true nature.

The vibration number is a non-linear number where 35 is despair, almost dead, and 1,000 is the maximum, where you are fully realized.

The average vibration on the planet is 135 (Nov.5,2013) which is being at about 1% of what it is to be a Human Being. A vibration of 200 is the dividing line between wretched and someone who is able to move further up.

Certain capacities, like gratitude, appreciation, love, acceptance are only available at a matching vibrational level, below that level these capacities can be imitated, pretended, role-played, but not fully felt and realized.

Above 200 vibration people are able to do and see a lot of stuff they are unable even to comprehend at a vibration under 200. The higher your vibration the more of the world you can see, the more connection you can detect between things, and you can make better decisions, consistently.

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