What is your Self, your Dharma? Can you find it? Can you define yourself?

I have been doing a lot of work while I seemingly do nothing… or not much.

Something is driving me…

I used to say it this way: “I can’t do no other”…

I am very fond of weirdly worded things, because they poke a hole in the cultural fabric and allow things to be seen that normally are hidden behind the fabric…

One of the issues people would struggle if they gave a hoot, if they really understood that it’s crucial to get, is what is coming from where… What is coming from their insides and what is peripheral to them.

One example is what is the motive power of your actions? Does it come from the inside, or does it come from the outside?

Here is an article that is right on the money:

The difference between ambition and desire
Ambition & desire are two seemingly similar ideas but in reality are concepts that have a world of difference. Ambition is the desire for achievement, while desire in its most raw form is just pure greed and avarice. While it is perfectly reasonable to be ambitious it really does not bode well if we are too desirous of something.

Oftentimes we get confused with the philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita (Hindu Holy book) desireless actions. We think that this basically means going through life in a mechanical way without any ambition. We then start to drift aimlessly in life.

Ambition is very important in life. It is the chief motivator that propels us to be achieve great things, It makes us want to do better in life. However pure desire is bad. Desire for power, wealth or fame is extremely bad and in fact can tempt people to use dishonest means.

Ambition is never affected by evil thoughts. Ambition is pure. It is the driving force which makes us do things, to get better in life.

Ambition propels us to great heights while craving or wanton desire can really result in a person’s downfall.

So while we should be ambitious we should really avoid greed and avarice.
Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20141106045813-51482884-the-difference-between-ambition-and-desire/
The same question applies to the issue: what is your Self? Who are you?
Most people, when they attempt to answer that question, Who are you?, they talk about their religion, ethnicity, profession, gender… but these are all external to them.

The only thing that is internal is what you can fully generate. Cause. Change.

So what can you generate? Can you change your gender? Not really… but you can be responsible for it. Can you change it? Just ask the transgender people… you cannot change it, because gender is not what sexual organs you have… it is a lot more than that.

Can you change your feelings? No, not really. The therapist that are good at that, like Katie, and to some degree Abraham/Hicks, they use changing words to change how you feel.

You can change how you look, but you are not your looks.
You can change your behavior, but somehow, underneath the thin veneer, it is still you there…

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Your life story is like a black hole. Your Bach Flower profile shows how…

Your tendency is to remember the story. Not what happened but your story. And to tell the story in a predictable manner… always the same way, always showing you in the same role, the same exact way.

A story is a narrative of reality. It talks from one particular vantage point, and therefore it is distorted. Always. Inherently so.

Your tendency is to remember the story in a way that agrees with your soul correction.

Soul correction, it could be said, is this slant of reality that lets you get away with murder, lies, laziness, blaming, simply said: being less than giving your best.

My story can be summed up with three elements: a hero succeeding in the face of incredible odds, and also complaining: “no matter what I do… I can’t this or that”. And the third: I don’t know if I can trust myself.

Almost succeeding, but never doing things long enough, hard enough, to actually succeed. Why? Because it would kill the story.

Also, I need enemies. I need disease. I need bugs… to fight heroically and almost succeed.

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Guidance, oracle… the final interpretation is up to you

It’s Tuesday and Rob Brezsny’s syndicated horoscopes landed in my inbox.

I read mine, and my blood turned cold.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): In the coming weeks, you might want to read the last few pages of a book before you decide to actually dive in and devour the whole thing. I also suggest you take what I just said as a useful metaphor to apply in other areas. In general, it might be wise to surmise the probable outcomes of games, adventures, and experiments before you get totally involved. Try this fun exercise: Imagine you are a psychic prophet as you evaluate the long-range prospects of any influences that are vying to play a role in your future.
Fear. Fear that I am working on something that is going to turn out not what I want.

Very scary… in spite of the fact that I experiment all the time. That I rarely make a binding commitment to any path until it is already bringing its results.

I don’t set goals… and don’t commit to outcomes.

And yet, the fear was paralyzingly strong…

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Life is unnecessarily hard for us. How do I know? We are in it together…

I have found, that the biggest “deterrent” for me from getting something new done is a version of visual/mental overwhelm: when my wires get crossed.

Any occurrence of not understanding something begins the process.

As a dyslexic, this happens quite often, especially when there is a form to fill out: what is most likely normal for people with a normal brain is gobbledygook ((gob·ble·dy·gook noun informal
language that is meaningless or is made unintelligible by excessive use of abstruse technical terms; nonsense.
synonyms: gibberish, claptrap, nonsense, rubbish, balderdash, blather, garbage)) to me.

Now, it is not necessarily their fault…

As I am working in tandem with my marketing client, it is clear that he has none of my difficulties. He has other difficulties, but not brain scramble difficulties.

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Why only 1~2% of participants produce results in a course? Any course… And why you are not among them?

It’s Sunday. I hung up my Sunday Rants call 90 minutes ago. I spent these 90 minutes watching marketing sales videos… as I would like to get better at marketing.

And it suddenly hit me… It hit me why no course, no program, no video course, audio course or group coaching can get much result, my program or others’.

I remember a few years ago when famed marketers, like Frank Kern, approached Tony Robbins to get some coaching on how to make people actually achieve the results they promised them in their sales letters. The meager results were bothering them. No matter how good, how detailed the course was, how much handholding they gave, only a fragment of the participants produced results.

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Why you rarely get what you want…

The biggest challenge for a person with high vibration is to be able to stay relevant in the eyes of people who have low vibration.

Exactly the way the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer, the high vibration person begets (give rise to; bring about.) higher vibration, and the low vibration begets (give rise to; bring about.) lower vibration.

Low vibration is, in essence, means that you know very little, and even what you know is not quite true.
You see very little, and your cone of vision is narrow.
You are unwilling or unable to consider widening your knowledge, truing your knowledge, and your view… because it threatens to devaluate your precious “I”. ((Like a woman who sent me a bunch of pictures of herself to prove me that I was wrong about her. That she was wonderful. Why? because she was slim… lol.))

I am committed to learn how to train people, you, to do what I have done: raise your vibration… and that means, in a very fundamental way, is to widen your cone of vision.

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What are you building with that?

What are you building with that?

This question was my absolute favorite in Landmark Education’s Communication Course…

I have tried to ask it of people outside of Landmark, and the answers I always got was puzzled silence.

So, what am I asking here?

Well, you are always building something. A more popular but less precise way of saying the same thing: you are always creating something… creating yourself, creating your life, every moment.

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20 Blunt Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit

I have found this article on the Inc.com website

Some of it is true, some of it was new-agey b.s. So I am culling it… And in some of them I am going to add my two cents worth… for example the pursuit of happiness… I have learned something about that from Ayn Rand that surprised me.

Just one more thing: my students in my coaching program struggle with the concept of principle.

A principle is a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.

A principle is not something that you just pull out of your, ahem, mind. We all want to be “independent thinkers” but the path to independent thinking is through learning the principles others discovered… precisely, verbatim. So, for our purposes: a principle is quoted from someone a lot smarter than us.

A quote. not rephrased, not your take on it, but a quote. Not every quote is a principle, but every principle is a quote.

These so called truths are not principles. They are the author’s opinions. Don’t honor them as principles… And if you find that your life is based on personal opinions… try to find principles to replace them with. Really. Every single one of them. You’ll thank me for it, guaranteed.

You’ll notice that I am a lot more interested in giving you the principle of principle guidedness… than those brutal truths the guy made up… Sorry guy!
20 Brutal Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit

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Please help me in this test… Thank you

I trust you that you’ll do what is in your best interest. That is what I want you to do… because then the information I’ll glean from this test will be valid. thank you.

Who is my ideal client? It matters not what you say, it matters more if it is heard by the right people…
I have been asking this question for a few years now.

Marketing teachers tell me to find people who are kept awake at night by something that nag at them, that doesn’t let them sleep… a problem, an itch that cannot be scratched. I am not attracted to the suffering.

I want to expand my business to start selling “stuff”.

But what stuff shall I sell and to whom?

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If it is easy to get, then it is worthless… Anything worthwhile is hard to master

One of my students gave me a kindle book for my birthday.

It’s a book about practicing, for teachers. ((This, practicing to actually know what you are talking about, is the area of massive inauthenticity.

Teachers, gurus, anyone teaching anything, health, wealth, happiness, fulfillment… They are all guilty of inauthenticity… the main source of the impostor syndrome.

When was it the last time that a guru said to you: I am teaching this because I need to actually get it, learn it, and make it work for me. Never, you say? I tend to agree.

But if you look around in gurudom, this is the general state of knowledge: no one actually knows things on the highest level, where they can own it. The can pretend to own it. But that is not the same as owning it.

Feeling that you own it doesn’t mean you do.

If you look, closely, the gurus don’t live from what they teach. Can’t see it? Then just take my word for it, I have been observing it for decades. But until now I didn’t know why… I saw it was true, but the cause was eluding me…

The inauthenticy number I measure in the starting point measurements tells the whole story. Even my hero, my own teacher, Werner Erhard is at 70% of inauthenticity. Nancy Zapolsky, also from Landmark, is, interestingly, at 50%. In comparison: Tai Lopez: 90%. Vishen Lakhiani: 95%, Bill Harris (Holosync) 99% inauthentic.

Inauthentic means that they lie. Their life is a lie. They are split to an inside and an outside that are disconnected.

Specifically about owning a knowledge: people are spouting undigested Tree of Knowledge, pretending that it is actual knowledge. And you, my friend, buy it. Repeat it. Hope to benefit from it. And you are surprised that you don’t.))

The gift book came right on the heels of an insight I haven’t shared with you.
I finished my third reading Ayn Rand’s 1500 page philosophical novel. I still don’t have my own words to say what she says.
I have one sentence, that is now mine, that I own, and the sentence is “A is A. If you wish it to be something else, then you are delusional.” This is the cornerstone of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, objectivism.

I am able to own one distinction. From the 1500 pages of dense philosophy.
I am OK with that. It’s a process.

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