The plague of our century… Or it’s too late to dig a well when you are thirsty

I wrote this article five years ago… and it’s eerily actual today…
What you want to take away from this article is this: a year from now you wish you started today…
Start what? Digging that darn well: building skills. Building relationships. Building alternative ways to make a living. Raising your awareness, consciousness. Getting yourself off the social bandwagon, getting yourself well…
It make be late today… but life is not over. A year from now it might be…

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What do you see? How do you see? same old same old?

Your primary goal is to look

I once did a Landmark Education seminar where the main ‘mantra’ was (I paraphrase the funky Landmark language for you): ‘stand in front of what you can’t see, and keep on looking even though you can’t see anything’

Most impatient people (that is most people) latch onto something irrelevant, and stop looking. They are like a dog with a bone… There is no hurry on the creative plane… only on the horizontal plane… what you can see easily is most likely irrelevant, and a sidetrack, preventing you from actually seeing what is important.

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Enlighten yourself… as often as you can

In yesterday’s Talk-to-me webinar one of the things that came up, thank you Baheej, was the idea that you need to be looking at your shortcomings, gaffes, and mistakes with kind eyes.

We all have them, but depending on your attitude towards them they mean that you are no good, they mean that you need to explain, apologize, lie, attack, avoid responsibility, or they mean that you made a blunder… no big deal.

I recommend a lighthearted approach to mistakes. I call it “play with your kaka”, whatever you can play with, you don’t hate.

Now, admittedly, I still have a few things I have done in my life I haven’t been able to play with, or bring a kind eye to… but I am working on it.

Your self-growth depends on your ability to laugh at yourself and take yourself less seriously.

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How to Live More Abundantly… stories

People are looking how to make this ‘staying at home’ thing less restraining and more enjoyable.
I got this suggestion in an email yesterday:

In my last email, I admonished you to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. So, if you are wondering how to conquer fear, then here’s what I did: I offered to help other people. Simple!

There are always people that need help (for different things), especially in these difficult times, and… Helping someone else is incredibly empowering and liberating.

It could be as simple as offering to help an elderly neighbour with her shopping or helping a relation leverage digital tools for their business. By the way, I’m doing both. 😉 So, offer to help someone else (for FREE) and before you know it – you would have stepped away from a place of fear.
And here is another story:
One night, the Shah dressed up as a peasant to enjoy the evening air undisturbed by his rank, and to wander through the streets of his empire unnoticed. He walked through town and reached the poor section of town. The street was quiet, but suddenly he heard singing from a little cottage. As he peaked through the window he saw a man sitting at a table.

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What does it mean? What does it mean that I always notice when it’s 11:11?

It doesn’t mean anything…
Life is empty and meaningless.
11:11 on your clock has no meaning.
There are no angels other than invented by fellow humans.
No gods either.
Also no devil.

But we keep on making us sh*t and then honoring it as the truth. We… meaning humanity. You and I.

But the reality is: all meaning is given. Given by people. It doesn’t belong to the thing… It is like a piece of clothing… clothing doesn’t define you…

But it seems humans are craving meaning, want meaning, so they make meaning… and then honor their meaning as the truth.

Even pets living with humans seem to learn that…

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If you talk a lot… even if it is only in your head…

I am finding that the level of coherence I have enjoyed for almost four years is suddenly dropped. Dropped only 30%, but that is enough for me to experience difficulty in thinking, being able to write, to move through life with grace and ease.

If you remember, coherence is the degree to which your inner energies, especially your intellectual energies, thoughts, are music as opposed to cacophony.

Each one has a different level of coherence. Grace and easy and power are only possible when one is reasonably coherent for longer periods of time.

Every upset, every interruption, everything you resist cause incoherence.

My downstairs neighbor, the woman, is at home. Muscle test says: she is sick with the virus. Instead of resting she is banging away in the apartment, and when her beau comes home she whines, shouts, complains, for an hour or two.

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Nature or nurture? Are you born a republican or a democrat, a right wing or left wing person?

Why is there such a sharp and irreconcilable difference between the right and the left in the world? The answer is in the invisible realm of reality…

There are many things I can measure in a human… while I am connected to Source. The language between Source )aka All-Knowledge, or the Zero point field) is muscle testing. It has a limited vocabulary: yes, no, and somewhat yes and somewhat no. And an occasional ‘I don’t know’

I connect to the person, and I connect to Source. So Source is connected to the person through me. And then I ask questions…

Source can only know things that are non-physical… Why? Because Source wasn’t connected to the person before I connected to them.

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Guilt, shame, and panacea

Here is something that we can all learn from. It happened to me. When? Today.

I have ordered a portable washing machine, apartment size, and it was due today by Fedex. I left a note on the door downstairs asking the Fedex person to bring it upstairs: with my broken heart I didn’t see myself dragging it up to the second floor.

The Fedex person delivered it and left it before the door of the house… in fact he or she sneaked up to the house: I didn’t even hear the truck… OK… I didn’t hear the truck… the rest: I made it up. Oops.

There I was with this big bulky box… outside on the stoop.

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If you don’t know what you want…

One of the things people have a difficulty with, in my experience, is creating a vision for their lives.

When I ask what they want, what they are up to, they draw a blank.

And even when and if they have some answer, it is not something that even if they got it, would make them happy, fulfilled, joyful, connected, loved, etc.

Every aspect of you has a different ‘agenda’…

The Selfish Gene
The ego
the soul/spirit or whatever you want to call it, the high minded aspect of you
the body
the mind
the Witness/Consciousness

these all want something different… and you, who you consider yourself to be: you are like the person in the middle of the ball game where the ball is thrown in a circle, past you… and you are always left without a ball.

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Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you are stupid

Emotions up, intelligence down
In stressful times, whether it is personal, or across the globe, people’s (your) emotions may demonstrate this intelligence lowering phenomenon… mine did.

I got an email reminding me that my automatic payment was going to become due in another two days.

I did not knowingly signed up to anything. I visited the sales page and found no indication, nor on my receipt. And despite my experience with how to cancel recurring payments, I could not find traces of this payment schedule, so I shot off a support request to the seller, saying that the continuity was illegal.

They promptly ‘responded’ by canceling all my programs with this company, one of which took me many hours to set up, it’s how I managed my 55 sites… through them.

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