Sophie Benshitta Maven is a true empath who channeled all her abilities to be able to feel, connect at will, connect to Source aka Source, and muscle test while connected.

She measures vibration, she calls down energies from All-of-it that energize you, diagnose you, heal you, soothe you, emotionally and physically.

Because of the empathic connection, she doesn’t have to throw a psychic attachment on you to connect to you… in fact all those “healers” that do are causing your life force and theirs to leak and do more damage than good. If you have done distant healing, either as a “healer” or a “patient”, you can ask her to check if you have attachments hanging off you, and if the answer is yes, you can ask her to remove them.

To ask, send a donation through the link in the sidebar of this blog.

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