I am a foreigner. I learned the English words, one by one. Since the age of 10… English was my third language.

I only started to learn the beingness associated with, the beingness indicated by some big words when I came to the United States at age 38 and started the work of transformation.

The first beingness word I looked into was generosity. I was still a beginner at distinguishing.

Distinguishing is the art of precision, astuteness, of what something is and what that something isn’t. What it isn’t will distinguish that thing a lot better, a lot clearer than trying to explain what it is. Interesting, isn’t it? Michelangelo and his David… Removing, in language, the parts of the stone that aren’t David.

I had to learn the hard way what generosity isn’t, how “generosity” can and does make enemies of friends, destroys you in the process, while it builds your ego sky high.

The second beingness word was authenticity.

SOURCE: click to continue reading Authenticity

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