If you talk a lot… even if it is only in your head…

I am finding that the level of coherence I have enjoyed for almost four years is suddenly dropped. Dropped only 30%, but that is enough for me to experience difficulty in thinking, being able to write, to move through life with grace and ease.

If you remember, coherence is the degree to which your inner energies, especially your intellectual energies, thoughts, are music as opposed to cacophony.

Each one has a different level of coherence. Grace and easy and power are only possible when one is reasonably coherent for longer periods of time.

Every upset, every interruption, everything you resist cause incoherence.

My downstairs neighbor, the woman, is at home. Muscle test says: she is sick with the virus. Instead of resting she is banging away in the apartment, and when her beau comes home she whines, shouts, complains, for an hour or two.

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