044 – Meaning Making Machine (Avatar State)

044 – Meaning Making Machine (Avatar State)

What is the Avatar state and why would you want to get into Avatar State?

You see more. You make intelligent decisions. Misery comes from what you missed, from what you didn’t see.

How do you get into Avatar State? (Clue it takes at least 30 minutes!) Sophie’s discovery – a reliable shortcut to get into the Avatar state.

The Playground is a path to increase your happiness by 60%. A purpose for yourself – feel good about yourself for the first time in your life.

This episode is part of a series of 4. They were extracted from a 90 minute conversation. If you would like to ehar the full audio, visit this article: Get outside the nine dots for a subscription link.

Scroll down to
Claim Your Free audio: “60% increase in happiness”
Enter your name and best email and Sophie will send you a copy.  There is the 90 minute version and a slightly shorter version just under an hour with the pauses and ‘ums’ trimmed out.



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