Bad News? Good News? Everything you ever wanted comes to you through people

Everything you ever wanted comes to you through people. Love, belonging, being heard, appreciation, validation, money, sex, teaching, learning, enjoyment… everything… Unless you have someone witness your life, nothing gives you pleasure…

OK… maybe on a desert island this is not 100% true… unless we consider that you for yourself is also “people”… and unless you give it to you you won’t have it. That is witnessing, that is validation, etc.

In order to truly give it to yourself, you need to learn to bi-locate. To be at two places at once. Not physically, but mentally, experientially.

That capacity is also the cornerstone of being able to sell… The only way to make money, by the way.

When we are talking about getting what you want we are talking about both tangible and intangible wants.
I want respect… so yesterday I was pondering whether I give myself respect… what the heck is respect anyway? lol
But in all seriousness, if you don’t learn the art and science of how to get what you want through another, then you are going to experience a lot of lack. Oh, you already do? Then maybe I am talking to the right person!

OK… before I go on and give you the art and science… I’ll tell you why I am giving it away for free.

For some people this teaching is worth a billion bucks. For others a million. And for most… not even the price of the zeros and ones it is written on.

The difference is not in the information: it is in the recipient. In you.
Make sure you are the billion dollar recipient… OK?
One of the things that stand in your way to receiving the billion dollar information is your lack of humility. Your precious “I” that cares too much of what other people say about you, what other people think you know or don’t know.

Interestingly this over-emphasis on appearances, on what you want in lieu of what is, of what is true about you, of what would matter, or what would actually get you what you want, is encoded in the predatory genes everyone carries, some turned on, some turned off.

If you have too many predatory genes turned on, you cannot give a fig about other people, or values, or the need to do something… you are enamored with your precious “I” that tells you that you deserve everything… without having to work for it.

If you have too few predatory genes turned on, you don’t take care of yourself, you give away the store… you don’t think you deserve anything, and you behave accordingly.

Recently I have been able to ask Source to adjust predatory genes to serve individuals, like yourself, the best.

Thus far the adjusted number of predatory genes have been between 2 and 4, the predominant number is 3.

This has been tested and there is an overwhelming anecdotal evidence that the process works. Anecdotal… science has to catch up with it… and science may not catch up for decades… 😦

You can ask me to intervene on your behalf with Source and adjust your predatory genes. For

SOURCE: click to continue reading Bad News? Good News? Everything you ever wanted comes to you through people

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