Are YOU Lazy? Procrastinate?

“I’m not a risky person. I would love to be, but I am just too lazy!” (August 27th response from reader)

You are not lazy. Your body is, yes, but not YOU. In his book ‘Path of the Just,’ kabbalist Rav Luzzatto explains the body has an inner-gravity that keeps everything down and as is. Reaching out, being active and spontaneous, doing something new .. these require so much effort because the body wants to keep things to itself.

He warns us to be ever-vigilant in our battle against the downward pull of our bodily thoughts (I’ll do it later, I can’t, I don’t want to be bothered, It’s not going to work anyway…)

Is our soul lazy? Of course not, because being lazy is being bounded and totally controlled by time, space and motion. Our soul wants to and can achieve all our dreams and desires, but it needs to be liberated from the heaviness of the body.

The only way to float against gravity is to act. Like they say on those late-night TV commercials: ACT NOW … ..OFFER EXPIRES.

Today, be impulsive. I know that word has a negative connotation but I’d like to use it anyway. For me it implies listening to your gut, jumping into situations to jump start your self, and leaving no space for thinking, rationalizing, or procrastination.

You know, just do it.

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