What do people think about you?

One of the best things for our spiritual growth – and also one of our biggest fears – is hearing what other people think about us.

When the Holy Temple still stood in Jerusalem, it is said that inside was a mirror one could look in to see the state of one’s soul. When the temple [and mirror] were destroyed, the Zohar teaches that people became the mirror for us.

As we take stock of our lives in this month, preparing our wish lists for the new year, we want to be facing those truths which only others can show us. Don’t do it out of weakness, do it out of strength, knowing that the moment you hold your darkness up to the Light, it burns!

Today, feel the burn of whatever emotion comes up as you ask at least (3) people what they think you need to work on the most. If there was one thing you needed to change for next year, what would it be? And maybe tell them about this risk exercise you’re doing. See where that takes you.

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