Your Soul’s Purpose, Kiki The Cat, Your Million Dollar Dream

What did I learn from the death of my cat and what does it have to do with your soul’s purpose?

This article will ruffle feathers… if you are politically correct, please stop here and don’t read it. This is a warning. You’ll hate me.

OK, here is the story: my cat, Kiki had been incontinent, on and off for the past 2 years. Antibiotics did not help, and Kiki seemed distraught from her lack of control.

Many of those happened on my bed.

Then she started to poop around the house, in obvious distress.

Then hide in the closet for 20 hours at a time. She would leave a pool of pee, and smell pipi herself… intensely.

It was time to reclaim Kiki’s dignity: after all, losing control of your body exposes you to shame.

This past Thursday I drove Kiki out to a nearby dense wooded area.

I was sure that as soon as she saw the woods she would run back to the car, but to my surprise, the opposite happened.

As soon as she was out of the “bag” she, gingerly, body alert and curious, started to walk into the thick of the woods… away from me.

I stood there for about half an hour, even though lost sight of her after about 3 minutes.

I drove home. My muscle testing proved to me that by next morning she was dead.

I miss the brave little girl… And had some interesting soul purpose thoughts channeled to me:

In the natural world sick animals take themselves out… go to the woods and die.

In the world of current western culture: we want to keep our pets alive (and miserable) as long as we can.

I was overriding the natural law of life with my made in the 21st century moralism.

My soul’s purpose is to subdue my human knowledge to devine knowledge.

Many ways to say that, one is “Forget Thyself”, another: “Bring the devine to everything.”

Allowing Kiki to go home, I was able to fulfill, for a moment, on my soul’s purpose.
Your Soul’s Purpose is done… Now What?
Kabbalah says that once you fulfill on the soul’s purpose (your correction for this lifetime), you have a choice. You can die, or you can ask to stay longer and tackle something else… maybe tackle a desire that has proved itself elusive.

Many of my clients have always dreamed of becoming a millionaire, but they never did. It is not aligned with their soul correction.

If they could, (or would) start concentrating on their soul correction, they could put themselves in the position of asking for the million… as a play for the “extension.” It wasn’t part of their original life script, but now, it can be, given that they completed the original script.

And that is the moral of the story: once you know your soul correction, and you get busy correcting it, you can choose another game for the rest of your life.

How do you find out your soul’s correction? There are a few ways, one of them is a one-on-one consult with me.

Contact me for details on how you can find out your soul’s purpose.

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