Why are happy people happy? Have you ever asked that question?

The biggest differentiator between a successful, happy, balanced, unbroken person, and someone with a life not worth writing home about is their relationship to failures. ((Or you could say: challenges… Said in another way, the biggest differentiator if their activities are chosen to make them grow, or make them survive. The more someone chooses to grow, the happier that person becomes. Why? Because the purpose of life is to become all you can become… That is the game… Each game has its own rules what is winning and what is losing. In golf putting the little white ball into the little cup is a winning move. In basketball… into the basket. In black jack: getting as close to 21 as possible… etc. Life: the rule is grow as much as you can. Become all you can become. If you are not happy, here is your main reason… ))

Yes. Plural.

Wanting only successes is like wanting to walk but never take a step with your left leg… Unnatural and … and why would you want that?

Everything in life has a rhythm, sex, breathing, eating and elimination… everything.

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