Removing the leaks created by your inner habits, your attitude, your “how”

The current humanity, homo sapiens, is ignorant to the 90% of reality, the invisible reality. They are like a bunch of Missourians, the show me state… ((Missouri’s United States Congressman, Willard Duncan Vandiver. Back in the year of 1899 with a skeptical tone of voice, he spoke to Philadelphia’s Five o’clock Club saying the following:

“I come from a state that raises corn and cotton and cockleburs and Democrats, and frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I am from Missouri. You have got to show me.”

The underlying meaning of his statement may be interpreted as: Missourians are not naïve – and if you wish us to believe you, convincing evidence has to be displayed. )) Building and changing the invisible habits

Most people judge by appearances, overt actions, your voice, your actions. But those cover only the top 10% of who you are.

The remaining 90% is invisible, sometimes even to yourself.

And as with everything in our 10% world, what defines how the 10% “manifests” is the 90%. ((Surprising to me is that even high achievers don’t know, don’t see what and how they do things, what is their attitude that makes them high achievers, or if they do, no one hears them.

T Harv Eker’s programs used to say: inner work for outer results, or something like that. But he knows very little about the inner world… because he focuses on the popular issue of a human: their minds. Of course he would: that is where the money is… Why? Because you have been brainwashed! You think the mind is the same as your brain power! And while you can’t tell the difference between the brain and the mind, you can’t tell the difference between your ass and a hole in the ground… Now please hate me… lol.

Or the other shyster, Christie Marie Sheldon who’ll disappear your blockages to wealth… I have to give it to her: she is a witch with considerable killing power: I suffer from it every day. But disappearing blockages to wealth? lol.))

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