What you don’t know that you don’t know… and can’t “know” because we don’t have a word for

I am working to take some of you back to the place where we abandoned the evolutionary path that would have taken up higher, to the promised land, and made a wrong turn.

From being guided by our feelings to being guided by word.

By feelings I am talking about the sensations our bodies give us, not about the emotions that are exclusively marker feelings, created by words.

The article I have found for you is very closely related to what I am talking about, even though it talks about words… but words are not necessary if you have allowed yourself to feel what you feel.

Working with clients, and working on myself, I can see that for much of the time what I am asking of you doesn’t make sense… meaning: the words, the mind, has no idea what I am talking about.

But some of you will trust me, and you’ll manage to retrace your path to a time where inner guidance was reliable.

Why isn’t it reliable now? Because your current “inner guidance” is all words, and words are the main tools to enslave you and separate you from yourself.

Here is the article…

I am expecting some of you raising your hands saying you want to work with me on this.

Unknown Unknowns: The Problem of Hypocognition ((Hypocognition, in cognitive linguistics, means missing and being unable to communicate cognitive and linguistic representations because there are no words for particular concepts.))

SOURCE: click to continue reading What you don’t know that you don’t know… and can’t “know” because we don’t have a word for

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