Shall I become popular, or shall I choose to do the work no one else is doing? You either do one or the other…

I am still looking at how to become an influencer… ((influencer: MARKETING a person or group that has the ability to influence the behaviour or opinions of others: The influencer is the individual whose effect on the purchase decision is in some way significant or authoritative))

It’s not really my ambition… ((ambition is a desire for a something, future, or a result that you are willing and able to work towards… as opposed to desire: desire is for a future or a result you imagined in the privacy of your mind, and expect or hope to befall on you without doing anything. Another aspect of desire is that it is always a desire for the self alone… because you have no value to offer in return of what you wish for. And often you want what belongs to another… You hope that the powers that be… spirit, god, angels will prefer you and take from that other and give it to you.)) I am much more comfortable doing my thing and barely be noticed. But it seems that in today’s day and age, unless you do a lot of hoopla, loud, self-promotion, partnering up with high visibility people, and other fashionable strategies, becoming an influencer is impossible.
I am still looking if I really want to become an influencer or not.
I learned about becoming an influencer from Tai’s free video on trend stacking. ((


A trend is, in this context, something that is becoming a fashion more and more. Something that has reached the masses and now they are jumping on the bandwagon. Popular…

My body is responding to this idea with massive indication that this is not my path. And yet…

And yet… increasing my sphere of influence, ((sphere of influence: a field or area in which an individual or organization has power to affect events and developments. In my case, the number of people who find it worthwhile to follow my articles and buy my products.)) even just doubling it would mean I can work with more people.

Judging from the past, each additional 100 people deliver, on average, one person who can and is willing to do the work to become worth a damn.

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