Your vocabulary shows the size of your world

Your vocabulary mirrors your clarity. The opposite of clarity is unclear or foggy. (Brain fog?) ((In terms of consciousness, understanding is the lowest level, while confusion is a higher level… Most people think they understand, they know, while they have no clue… And they speak from their understanding. This is the reason for the low truth value of people’s stuff, including books, teachings, etc. I pretty much keep away from understanding. Understanding is a mind-thing… a Plato’s Cave thing. Nothing can be truly understood for it to remain both real and true. Understanding simplifies the world to the level where it is not the world… it is a mind-construct. If you didn’t understand this, I am happy.))

One of the Starting Point Measurements is your vocabulary/clarity measure. ((Wittgenstein, 20th century philosopher, (personal vibration: 200. Never penetrated the invisible, in fact never gave a fig about it. His concept of language is very limited, but regardless, this first quote has high truth value: 60%, while the second, the way HE meant it, has only 10% truth value. The way I mean it: 70% truth value. Interesting.) famously said: “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” and “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent”

Of course he said that because it needed to be said. You cannot tell the size of your knowledge, the size of your world. It is a paradigm… the boundaries are one-way mirrors. you can only see it from the other side.

My hunch is, you cannot even get what I am talking about when I say one-way mirror… you have to have a vibration of at least 200. Why do I think that? Because in all my readings, I have only read it in one author’s book: Tim Tigner’s books. In all of three of them that I have read.

And, of course, whatever is outside of your world is something you cannot speak… So what are the things that are outside of your world… Hey, most of the things that you came here for, to my site.

I used to have a saying about coaches, that they are like surgeons who didn’t wash their hands before surgery. They haven’t given respect to the person or people they talk to… and they talk, and suggest, and advise. I have not met a coach who is not like that.

And I also haven’t met a person, for example, who knew deeply the meaning of gratitude and appreciation. Or spirituality. Or beingness. Or any of the things I am talking about.

When you repeat something you learned from someone else, you say things that are Tree of Knowledge. And what you are talking about is “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent”… But I am yet to meet a person who has respect enough to shut the fig up.

OK, rant over. Keep reading.))

People are stunned by their low numbers. They shouldn’t be. Their results in life, in all four main areas of life are consistent with their clarity. Low. ((As I am looking for illustration, I am encountering something strange. Vocabulary measuring tests do not test clarity.

You may be a writer, a teacher, a lawyer… and have many words. You only use a few, and you have an approximate knowledge of their meaning, on the level of your consciousness.

So even though we seemingly measure the same thing, thus all the upset, we are measuring the size of your world. Everybody seems to know the meaning of appreciation (gushing, saying “I appreciate you!” blah blah blah) but I am yet to find a person who actually appreciates…

Appreciating supposes that you see value… you don’t. Value has been one of the hardest concepts to teach because people cannot see value. Can’t see it. So they cannot appreciate.

Yet I found hundreds of memes saying “expect nothing, appreciate everything”… the truth about you is: you expect everything (inside your world) and appreciate nothing. Can’t. It’s not that you are a bad person. Your vibration is low. Sorry to break it to you…))

When you are not clear, it is like you are bringing a knife to a gun fight. It is like you use tools that are unsuited for the job. It is like you are fighting windmills. It is the state of “for you everything is the same as everything else, except that not always.”

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