Sticky point: Being able to tell the self apart from other things, the not-self.

Being able to tell the self apart from other things, the not-self. ((

Nisargadatta Maharaj: personal vibration: 200. Truth value: 10%

I have encountered and measured many Indian gurus. Although Nisargadatta Maharaj is not flashy, and seemingly nothing special, he has a unique position among all these gurus: he isn’t fake.

You cannot teach much of anything if you haven’t truly distinguished that you are not any of the things you may think you are… you are simply the Self.

Most gurus give diligent lip-service to this… I know Osho best, and he says it all the time. But saying it and being it are two different things. When you say it but you don’t be it, you talk Tree of Knowledge: it is not your experience. So you are a liar, a fake guru: because you cannot teach what you don’t have.

Nisargadatta Maharaj got one thing right… ok, maybe more, I don’t know all he did. But he got the crux of the matter right: he got that he is none of those things…

And that is what makes him a real guru.

Now, can he teach it? OK, he is dead. Could he teach it? No way. Knowing and teaching are two different capacities.

My own trouble is that I have to be able to do both… But it is getting possible… I am getting better at it.

When someone with Tree of Knowledge tries to teach it, no one learns it… because fake invites fake… ugh. Same is true for Landmark and Werner Erhard.

You are not your feelings, not your thoughts, not your history. Not even what you do, or what you have, or what you have achieved!
I didn’t realize that this is such a big issue, collapsing all these and calling it “you”.

This is the source of unclarity, and ultimately it is the source of the delusional self and misery. Utter misery.

What am I talking about?

One aspect of clarity is to be able to tell the person from their actions. The person from their feelings. The person from their story or history. The person from what they have done. The person from everything else…
It seems that at a low level of clarity (low vibration) this isn’t obvious.

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