How to manage yourself for change?

I guess it is that time of the year… where the broken faced child comes out of the woodwork… ((I use this expression “broken face child” if I expected you to know what I am talking about… You probably don’t.

So let me explain: When you were little, things happened to you that were beyond your comprehension. Your brain was developing, in fact developing till about age 25, and you had to make up some story of what was happening. Normal.

The “normal” story to make up is this: “There is something wrong with me, that’s why this is happening”

Looking at it with sober eyes, looking at a little kid of the same age as you were, it is clear, or at least should be, that there was nothing wrong with you. And likely what was happening had nothing to do with you either.

But a child is 100% self-centered, self-referential, and can only look at the world, to what’s happening, in relationship to himself/herself. So this is normal.

Being able to see the world independent of you is an adult capacity. Looking at the Starting Point Measurements, it is crystal clear that you, nearly all of you, have development that was arrested at a child level, and you never got to the point where you could see that the world is not responding to you. They are not responding to you. They don’t even see you. You can be you, and the world will be OK. Really.

But you are stuck at the story you made up… and now live as if it actually happened.

Until you do the work and separate the facts from your story, and get that your story never happened, you won’t be able to get past it, and you’ll be, for yourself, that “broken face child” of that story.

The methodology of separating the facts from the story is taught in the Playground Method… And can make the biggest difference in your life: will allow you to become an adult.

Being an adult is delightful. Really. Things happen and they have no relationship to you. You are free to be… however you want to be. Your results, of course, will depend on your actions, your attitudes, but that’s it. Nothing else. Heaven. A burden lost.))

Life is cyclical. In addition to the visible cycles, there are invisible cycles.

They are intimately connected to some early life events… there is nothing you can do about them coming up: a cycle must repeat.

One of these cycles is the broken faced child coming out to torment you.

Rarely if ever I see someone who has something I “envy”.

Envy is a sign that they have something that you want, for yourself. It is a good thing if you look at it that way.

In most of us, the soul has a warped way to communicate to us. Probably because we don’t listen to gentler nudges.

So, yesterday I saw something that I’d like. In this Tai Lopez person I write about in my previous article.

So, just before I went to bed I muscle tested if his IQ is higher than mine.

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