The history of medical science reads like a detective novel, or a conspiracy book.

Each century has its own favorite scapegoat-like cause of disease, a thing they blame everything, and each turns out to be not a comprehensive reason, or not a reason at all. ((Humors — blood letting, spirits, bacteria, viruses, genetics… never lifestyle, nutrition, no… they don’t make money for the “in” crowd, the doctors, the specialists, etc. And in our day and age, the alternative doctors crowd is doing it as well… lying, cheating, defrauding. Ugly story.))

And then, or course, people make fortunes on telling people what to think, what to be scared of, what to try to prevent, pay to have cured… and no one is the smarter.

Especially not the general public. ((It used to be that the general public had the common sense, the animal sense, to know what food is, and not eat stuff that isn’t food. But not any more. The overall intelligence of the general public has gone down, the overall health: ditto. If we consider intelligence knowing accurately, the working knowledge of what there is to know, every hundred years this number has gone down gradually, and during my lifetime that number, that measure has gone down 30%, three centuries worth. That 30% is both sexes, but the most painful and harmful effect was women losing their knowledge and sense of what is good for a human, for a husband, for a wife… the knowledge of healthy cooking.))

People who rock the boat, people who yell that “the king is wearing no clothes” get put to jail, get killed, get ostracized, and life goes on the way it went before.
OK Who am I  and why you may want to listen to me?
I am not a doctor. Not even a medical researcher. I don’t play either on television.

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