It’s a dangerous world in there-out there… or does voodoo work?

After I hit the “publish” button the other day, I suddenly an had a flash of insight: The Wicked Witch of the West uses voodoo to harm me… I was wrong about thinking that she spends her whole day tormenting me… even though I am tormented, she only needs to “refresh” the hate on her voodoo doll or whatever symbolic artifact she uses to represent me.

Sometimes the pain is my heart, or my back, or my stomach, or my head.

So far so good… I recalled that I realized that years ago… just forgot.

What is interesting is the following exchange I had with Source:

Could I do the same? Yes. Would she know that I am doing it? Yes. ((Everybody thinks they can do voodoo, or a lot more people that can… I didn’t go deep enough into the topic, because my “religion” is: when I do good, I feel good. When I do bad I feel bad” Abe Lincoln said that…

But criteria number one is you need to connect the doll with the person you need to harm. Energetically. Given your inability to connect yourself to Source, I don’t think many people can do this. The WWoW, The Wicked Witch of the West is able to do it… you can even feel the energies she stirs in her videos. None of it is good, she has the opposite “religion” as Lincoln… she likes to hurt.

Why can bad people hurt others with energies?

In the tens of thousands of years this sixth generation of humans is on Earth, we have built a powerful “Fourth Plane”, a shadow world of bad… And it is a power source for bad energies. All created by the imagination of all six generation of sentient beings… on this Planet. When we are gone, soon, I think, we’ll leave our heritage for the next generation… We contributed 40% of darkness, way more than our 16.6% of time alive would normally make us… Now the Dark Side is 70%, and the Light is only 30%. Sorcery is getting stronger.))

SOURCE: click to continue reading It’s a dangerous world in there-out there… or does voodoo work?

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