Fake religiousness… why you don’t deserve to enter the Kingdom of Heaven

I am not religious. ((If I practiced any religion, I guess, it would be Judaism… given that I am Jewish…

Until a certain point in my life I adhered to the “religion” of dialectic materialism, which teaches that matter is the defining and spirit is secondary. I even argued with my Jewish philosophy teacher.

I admit, I am not smart enough to even know what that means. That is what I learned. The words.

All my life I hated Christians. Automatically.

I am just, maybe the first time, looking why. Jews are hated automatically. I have been thinking about that, digging into that more and more. I am starting to have a deep understanding why, and I have stopped blaming the Christians.

This article has been immensely helpful in accessing my own feeling what it is that I find distasteful in Christians.

We, I am getting clearer… The hardest thing to know for human is themselves.)) And yet, I have learned, over the years, from Christian religious booklets and articles.

This article has allowed me to understand what happens to a person when they decide to pay me for their starting point measurements… and what happens when they receive it.

Read this article, and I’ll continue explaining what I learned after this quoted article.
Why Do We Major in the Minors?

from R.C. Sproul May 14, 2016 Category: Articles

The Pharisees distorted the emphasis of biblical righteousness to suit their own behavioral patterns of self-justification.

Jesus frequently confronted the Pharisees on this point. Jesus said to them, “You tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness” (Matt. 23:23a).

On numerous occasions, Jesus acknowledged that the Pharisees scrupulously obeyed some points of the law. They paid their tithes, they read their Scriptures, they did a host of things the law required–and Jesus commended them for their actions, saying, “These you ought to have done” (Matt. 23:23b).

However, it was the emphasis that was out of kilter. They scrupulously tithed, but in doing so they used their obedience to this lesser matter as a cloak to cover up their refusal to obey the weightier matters of justice and mercy. That distortion occurs today.

It is much more difficult to measure the disposition of our hearts than it is to measure the number of movies we attend

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