Marker feelings, or knowledge is power

You are going to understand this article on the level of your current accuracy… Be warned… it is probably less than 10%. Reading it more than once won’t help, only getting more distinctions into your tool box… accurately.

People don’t like to read… read and think… forget about it. The ones that do read and think will be the ones who win…

The English language uses feelings and emotions interchangeably. Anyone who believes that, looks through that lens has a clarity of less than 10%. It’s not a judgment: it’s a measurement.

Your effectiveness in life is a function of your clarity.

To increase your clarity, I’ll attempt to separate feelings from the emotions.

Feelings are sensations. They are for the survival of the species, including the individual. The terminology and the science for this article come partially from Margóczi’s book, Feelings, and partially from my internal observation on myself and on my clients. Because I am a True Empath, or however you’ll label me… I can feel and identify inner processes accurately, including the processes Margoczi has opened up for me about 16 months ago. ((this is from the Feelings book:
4.1 Need-indicating feelings
4.2 Orienting feelings
The cooperation of need-indicating and orienting feelings
4.3 Strategic feelings
4.4 Tactical feelings
4.5 Technological feelings))

The purpose of feelings is to let the individual specimen know that there is something to pay attention to. The feeling also accurately identifies what to pay attention to… when life and Life are in harmony. All feelings intend the species’ survival and sur-thrival. Following the edict of Life: wanting more life.

The signals of feelings are worth learning… It’s a forgotten language largely overwritten with confusing and unclear signals.

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