What the heck is the worth a damn factor, what is yours, and how do you raise it?

My declared purpose is: I work to raise the truth value of people’s world view and consequently raise their vibration. This article is, seemingly, not about truth value and not about vibration… it is about your worth a damn factor ((Here is a video from Tai:

The expression is from Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps Program. The expression is interchangeable with Charlie Munger’s deserving factor… how much reward you deserve for your efforts. Many people think that deserving is their god given right… and maybe in god’s view you are deserving. But in a world, in an economy, you need to earn what you want to get… We are talking about that kind of deserving. Creating value that others are willing to give you what you want, in an exchange. Money, love, friendship, caring, etc.)) and your happiness… Seemingly…

Here is a world view that is very frequent, and very deadly for your vibration, and for your inner world of happiness.

The world view of jumping. The world view of binary switch reality.

Yesterday I had a long call with one of my coaching clients.

He is long on desire, and short of ambition.

Almost any bait will get him to a feverish pitch of desire… “hoohoo! I’ll make a million bucks!” Like that…

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