Rocks, pebbles, and sand… what is your life organized around?

Some of my students pondered my article from yesterday and asked themselves: why am I not reading?

One found something that may be the reason billions of people don’t read: by the time they would get to reading, they are too tired. They are spent.

The priority they assign to reading is low.

Normal lives are full of stuff to do that some meme says: you must do. Take a shower every day, for example. Many people even wash their hair every day. Read the newspaper. Do your shopping when you need something. Drive your kid to activities.

Cut coupons. Check facebook, your email, chat, watch cat videos. ((Cook every meal… instead of batches is one way many of my students spend their time, instead of reading. I, instead, buy enough to make 7 meals, I cook the food, and put it in sandwich or snack bags… more the snack bags, which are about one fist, so it’s the perfect size. This means that I don’t cook every day. I always have 10 or so meals prepared in my freezer.))

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