Blind chicken syndrome part two. There is some serious teaching in this article

In some way I was born to be one of these blind chickens. It takes me conscious and deliberate thought not to close down a looking process, not to jump into a conclusion. It does not happen without deliberate thought.

And when i forget, or I am too tired, or when I am on a roll… god save me from the consequences. My life, my business, my relationships could be twice, three times as good if I had the presence of mind of remembering not to jump into conclusions all the time. ((

But there is another aspect, or maybe two?

And that is agenda.

I just watched on youtube the impassioned speech of the whistle blower in Larry Nassar sexual abuse trial.

The person since her abuse became a lawyer, has her own children.

The interesting thing about the speech was that its words were powerful, but she had an agenda… and that killed it for me, made me cringe: she wanted to impress.

Now, that is one of the agendas that you want to notice.

Are you speaking to impress? To be considered smart, knowledgeable, fast, or whatever the hell you are pretending? Are you pretending to others, or are you pretending for yourself?

In the invisible 53, I speak about the invisible moves and games people play.

We could say that there is only one game … a racket. It is recognized by seeing that you have a payoff: you looking better than you are, smarter, etc… and a cost; giving up being all you can be.

Obviously, speaking for effect is a racket. And the real cost is that you cannot, after speaking, actually do what there is to do… now it would negate the talking… and make you look bad.

And all the talk about becoming all you can be, having this and having that become impossible for you… because now you can’t do what you need to do.

And that is a horrible price to pay.))

Yesterday someone posted a question that triggered a way of looking that is important:

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