Why you can’t tell if somebody is smart or not… Because in the dark all cats are gray

One of the most surprising thing in the world of humans is that humans can’t tell if they are smart or not. This error leads to lives that are not fulfilled, filled with fear, trepidation, or on the other extreme: boasting and disappointment. ((This is a horrible thing. Do you know what is the worst thing about me for me?

I bet you would not be able to guess, so I’ll share it with you.

I expect you to be smart. I really do. And I am always surprised when I find out that you are not.

In my world smart means: quick and accurate on the uptake. See with your own eyes. Understand and be able to see things for what they are, without me pointing it out.

But every time what I find out is that you fooled me.

I am pondering this, asking all kinds of questions of Source: I’ll need to deal with this issue, so I can become effective.

But how?

The first thing I am finding out is that the speed of the uptake is more dependent on your life, and use of your brain, than your innate intelligence. Also what you can see. Environmental influences, on one hand, and your personal behavior, attitude, curiosity on the other.

You are, as a rule, mentally slothful fancying yourself smart.

The second thing I find out: you have no idea how slow you are. Why? Because you have these two selves… one of them is totally delusional… fancies itself creative…

One of the ways you express your “creativity” is making up all kinds of usernames and passwords… and, of course, you forget them as soon as you made them up.

If you forget your passwords… just please know that 90% certain that you are dull witted, and fancy yourself creative.

OK… I’ll stop ranting… A is A. You are pea brained… Now what? What am I going to do so I can take you to the promised land?

Obviously, I am going to attempt to answer my own question in this article… But first I HAD TO rant.))

I just watched two episodes of a Korean series where most people were dimwitted.

Dimwitted is just another word for “not smart”… but it is a good word because you can see that something is dimmed… as in “it’s dark here… you can’t see much”.

I like this word because it is more accurate than most.

SOURCE: click to continue reading Why you can’t tell if somebody is smart or not… Because in the dark all cats are gray

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