What is the truth about the 10 dark years, 10,000 hours and 10,000 experiments

If investing 10 years in service of learning a profession, learning an art would make you a winner… then there would be a lot of winners. A lot more than there are…
There must be something more that most people don’t know or don’t do…
…and neither do or know their mentors, their trainers, their managers, their teachers. (( I am watching, currently, a South Korean series, Misaeng, about a boy who is proof to what I am saying…

He spent 18 years doing what he could to become a baduk master. Baduk is a competitive board game.

When he sees that this is not going to happen, he lucks out and at someone recommendation he is accepted as an intern in an international trading corporation.

Because he is not your average American :-(, not your average human, he sees that his baduk training trained him for life, not just for baduk. Trained him as a human, trained him as a strategist, trained him as a worker… You can tell that I am in love… The character has 20 capacities activated… has 20 capacities to work with, 20 capacities to survive in that inhospitable environment… because it is inhospitable.))
Capacities, DNA capacities are invisible. They are the seed level of any ability, of any success.

SOURCE: click to continue reading What is the truth about the 10 dark years, 10,000 hours and 10,000 experiments

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