A price tag on any coaching or any course is a lie

I had an interesting insight this morning.

Putting a price tag on any coaching is going to be a lie. My strategy sessions. My 67 step coaching. My health consultations. My Water Energizer. My Heaven on EArth…

Really, almost any product.

For two reasons:

1. the value is in the eye of the buyer…
2. the value literally changes with what the buyer can and will do with it.

The client needs to become ready to use the coaching and generate big value with it. ((Cooking recipes come to mind. Unless you know cooking without recipes, unless you develop a feel for what works together, every recipe will be a disaster for you.

Here is an example.
My egg-coffee
I am violently sensitive to and addicted to the A1 milk protein that is like morphine, addictive. So I can’t put it in my coffee. So I have developed a coffee recipe that uses egg yolk and ghee to make the coffee creamy. But if you don’t add sweetener: I use stevia, it will be horrid. And if I don’t add salt, enough salt, it will be still horrid. When the right amount of each is added: it is delightful. And good for you.))

I attended an online-marketing conference in 2004 in Washington DC. I ran into this dude, Tellman Knudson, and we started to chat. I was sitting on a goldmine that was invisible for me… except that as a chair, a goldmine is not comfortable.

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