Habit Stacking… a shortcut to your new life

I am reading a book, Habit Stacking. I think all non-fiction kindle books are poorly written… and I hate them. No joy of reading, even if the information is good. This one is no exception…   but the topic is needed.

Why do you need what this book teaches? Why do you need habit stacking?

In my programs, both in the health program and in the “good life” program, you will need to develop new habits. But… to develop a habit by itself is an uphill struggle, and to maintain it is virtually impossible.
Quote of the Day

If you never venture beyond what you know… You’ve spawned your own limitations.
I have been practicing “habit stacking” without giving it a name, successfully. What I am learning is that I can take it to a whole different level. And I can stack all desirable habits into stacks.. groupings, and things will get done…

Do what’s difficult when it’s easy… but it’s easy to say, hard to accomplish. Because what is difficult only shows up when it is already not easy… when it’s needed, what you already gone too far not having done it.

SOURCE: click to continue reading Habit Stacking… a shortcut to your new life

One Reply to “Habit Stacking… a shortcut to your new life”

  1. Cool, reading Steve Scott’s book and looking at blogs on Habit Stacking. You’re right, it’s no work of literature – but I think it has some usefl ideas. Good, helpful entry.

    Thanks for sharing.


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